[AAR] 18:00 Armor Punishers - Tuesday, 10th of July

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Alexander Oromov



Post 2018.07.10 20:11

[AAR] 18:00 Armor Punishers - Tuesday, 10th of July

Roam members (11)
Adrien Claremont - Slasher
Alexander Oromov - Punisher
Alf Saissore - Punisher, Federation Navy Comet
Buzz Uisen - Punisher
Iskarr Jarak - Punisher
Jun Mikoto - Atron
Lanik Solette - Punisher
Phileas Levesque - Maulus
Pink Kondur - Punisher
armenthus brown - Atron
averoth trojan - Punisher

We had low numbers tonight. Most people were in Punishers. We had 3 people scouting. Was pretty casual.

Kills and Losses

This neutral Rifter got killed on a gate. The good, we managed gate guns well, nobody died.

(18:24:01) Murethand
Rifter +6.28m

BBC VNI fleet warped into us at a gate, we scattered, but Phileas got pointed by the Lachesis as we got out and lost his pod as well.

(18:53:22) Okkamon
Maulus -4.77m
Capsule -21.83m

I believe we lost Iskarr on an acceleration gate, as he was caught before able to slide.

(19:03:05) Pynekastoh
Punisher -11.01m

We did engage a GalMil Stabber and killed it in the plex. Alf our scout was probably joining in from his +1 and was also caught on the outside of the plex. The help call came to late. Maybe we could have done something if we'd arrive earlier. The enemy GalMil gang scattered upon our arrival.

(19:08:40) Pynekastoh
Stabber +38.66m
Punisher -9.33m

We than split their gang in half and camped their outgate. We had people on both sides and everybody was on their heels, we didn't let them go until Adrien caught an Enyo, we went for help and exchanged a Slasher for an Enyo.

(19:23:24) Pynekastoh
Slasher -6.31m
Enyo +54.14m

In Aivonen we had a shiny Hookbill, Jun managed to get hold of it, I managed to get secondary and fleet was trailing. We also had a Comet with us. As Jun went down I got secondary, but the Hookbill webs were too much, he managed to pull range as he was dying (he had no tank at all) and warped off. I then found out that our Comet is AB fit. If I was aware of it, I'd call the hunt off probably.

(19:41:48) Aivonen
Atron -5.42m

Our good Kinakka gives us nice fights pretty much every time. The positive feeling I've developed here led us to a RAZOR (Pirate Frigates) vs Cookie fight (T2 Retri) and I decided to third party against Cookie when we had a "OH NO" moment. When we landed RAZOR left and the Cookie fleet jumped into us. DERPERINO, we lost 3 people and called it a night.

(19:49:08) Kinakka
Federation Navy Comet -35.29m
Punisher -10.51m
Punisher -9.83m
Capsule - Genolution 'Auroral' 197-variant -0.01m
Capsule -0.01m

It wasn't a great fleet, but it also wasn't a bad one. Wonder how we can increase numbers that we can actually engage Cookies one day.

ISK Destroyed: 99,079,581.73
ISK Lost: 114,329,653.15
ISK Delta: -15,250,071.42
Efficiency: 46.427%

PS: Special thanks to Adrien, Alf, and Jun for scouting!

Jun Mikoto



Post 2018.07.10 21:49

Re: [AAR] 18:00 Armor Punishers - Tuesday, 10th of July

Alexander Oromov wrote:Wonder how we can increase numbers that we can actually engage Cookies one day.

Maybe the semi-final distracted some people.

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