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[AAR] impromptu Golden Horde 2018-07-08

This was a stand-in fleet for Unions planned Phallanx Confessors. Sorry for those who where looking to fly something completely different then this tired thing^^ I am not yet comfortable nor knowledgeable enough to fly T3Ds.

Formup was reeeeeaaaly long, was actually holding off on taking over the fleet in the hopes that someone from the FCC would take over a proper Fessor fleet. Tried getting everyone in decently fitting ships, that took quite a bit longer the I was hoping for.

Shoutout to Analiese for joining up and jumping into a measly Inquisitor for me :)

After the slow start we directly got some action in Dastryns. Some veeeery small fry plexers...I think I will try and move away more and more from ganking lone stuff.

We had two very interesting engagements on a gate against someone called "ratain", first in a Typhoon which we didn't seem to be able to break at first, but as he deagressed I assume he would have run out of cap boosters. Me being the dummy I am I didn't call to deagress early enough and didn't have a structure for it. Ratain was nice enough to come back and fight us in a Brutix at the gate again, this time we where better prepared for the gate game and caught him eventually (I say "we" because individual members where way more prepared for it then I was, good job guys!). He went down relatively easily after that.

Another interesting engagement on a gate with a couple things on grid led to a Scythe Fleet Issue kill and everybody else running from the Golden Horde :D

To top this impromptu action off I experienced something I've never experienced before: right at the end as we went into OST we actually got another fight and caught us a couple Thrashers.

All in all it was a very different challenge to impromptu take over a fleet from somebody else, definitely a good learning experience, and I think my decision making, at least in the last couple fights, was improving compared to other fleets before.

Roam members (14)
Alexander Oromov - Malediction
Analiese Aubernet - Inquisitor
B'aldrick Aivoras - Punisher
Beavis Alland - Tormentor
Ged Sinak - Atron
Hideo Date - Punisher
Joseph Vis Stalin - Crucifier
Kordun Naskingar - Crucifier
Nathan Tamroc - Inquisitor
Pink Kondur - Atron, Slasher
Qi Ito - Punisher, Griffin
Rikali Laru - Crucifier
armenthus brown - Punisher
averoth trojan - Punisher

Kills and Losses

(18:19:23) Dastryns
Incursus +6.54m
Atron +0.39m

(19:02:10) Aivonen
Atron -6.21m
Punisher -7.9m
Brutix +79.2m
Punisher -9.91m
Capsule -0.01m

(19:35:14) Nennamaila
Scythe Fleet Issue +96.67m

(19:45:48) Ostingele
Atron -6.47m
Slasher -1.07m
Thrasher +11.8m
Thrasher +8.8m
Capsule +0.01m
Capsule +0.01m

ISK Destroyed: 203,414,401.41
ISK Lost: 31,557,918.56
ISK Delta: 171,856,482.85
Efficiency: 86.57%
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