Post 2018.06.14 23:10

what i learned today incentive PRIZES!!!!!

If you haven't noticed we have a "what i learned today in incursions" thread and the name says it all. Anything that you learn that day that you did not know before you post a little summary of it in there. It is nice because it shows activity and reminds people of all the little ins and outs that they may have forgotten after many fleets of shooting red crosses in space.

This little competition is very simple from now june 14th until june 28th(3 weeks) we are having a little incentive program. In this time-span who ever leaves the best thread in the "what i learned in incursions thread" will win a prize. This can be anything you researched/learned on a fleet/learned in a class/ found outside of uni resources or it can be a separate AAR. Cass will be picking the winner so don't try to just copy paste the wiki because he literally wrote the wiki. In the event of a tie I will decide the winner. Please be informative detailed creative and fun with this.

The winner will receive 1 small skill injector, 1 fed navy web, and 1k lyavite
2nd place will receive 1 fed navy web and 1k lyavite

The goal of this little incentive is to raise awareness for a really great thread that is fun and super informative and oh by the way can work towards your uni sophomore or graduate title.
Please keep an eye out for more events/classes/incentives/ and competitions. Were going to make incursions pop again together.