Post 2018.06.12 21:56

[small ganged] in orca

mining in my orca semi afk eating and watching a movie while half my tv had my orca i noticed the jump and then lost his signature, then i noticed again just before he rammed me i pulled back my drones and put out my defensive drones by this point he was chasing me i got a message in local chat if anyone seen a yellow wanted let them know so i sent the message and ran off, to watch while i was skeptical about this i noticed the other persons name was blue like a person in good stand or alliance friendly when they asked for help i proceeded to help and thats when 2 logis i believe warped in attacked all my drones and then rendered me defenseless then attempted to extort 300mil and which he said he would let me go but i felt like that was a rip so i told him i had 50 mil which is what i had at the time and shortly after trying to scam him sayin i was to quit he blew me up , theres a team flipping orcas near sheroo just watch yourselves he has a ton of alts other people have been attacked in domain as well by the same player

not mad that he blew me up, mad that it was by really expensive mine hauler/miner and at myself should have known better and warped out. lesson reinforced just didnt know if that was a alliance friendly

post this so other orca users that are solo have been made aware of this guy and his alts