[CLASS] 2018-06-18 @ 17:00 - Electronic Warfare 101

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Zarquu Fussuhfusus



Post 2018.06.12 13:47

[CLASS] 2018-06-18 @ 17:00 - Electronic Warfare 101

Electonric Warfare 101

The Electronic Warfare 101 lecture will cover details about the various EWAR options available in EVE: Online.
Particular attention will be given to the five main classes of EWAR, namely:
  • Electronic Countermeasures (ECM)
  • Sensor Dampening
  • Weapon Disruption
  • Target Painting
  • Capacitor Warfare (Energy Neutralization)

The lecture will cover ships hulls, fitting, stacking penalties, piloting tactics and more.

Essential Details
  • Instructor: Zarquu Fussuhfusus
  • When: 2018-06-18 @ 17:00 EVE Time
  • Location: Docked up in station. Public mumble server.

Class overview
  • The role of EWAR in EVE Online
  • The 5 main types of EWAR
  • Hulls and ship modules / fittings
  • Piloting tactics

Student requirements
  • Mumble registration and access - make sure you have Mumble operational well before the class begins. Use this guide for set-up: Mumble
  • Access to the Lecture.E-UNI in-game chat channel

Questions? Ask here in this thread.

Mei Tha'almor



Post 2018.06.18 06:48

Re: [CLASS] 2018-06-18 @ 17:00 - Electronic Warfare 101


Will there be a recording or transcript of this class? I really wanted to be there as one of my main interest is Ewar, but unfortunately I will be at work during the class.


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