[AAR] Solitude Roaming [2018-05-17T19:00]

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Post 2018.05.17 21:44

[AAR] Solitude Roaming [2018-05-17T19:00]

Roam members (11)
Avrin Dennard - Caracal
Erwin Madelung - Scythe
Fergus Echerie - Ares
GioGoi Axa - Caracal
Gringo Smoothie - Caracal
Lucas Kishunuba - Caracal
Tisiphone Tagetes - Caracal
Tolerin Escipion - Caracal
Tye Etch - Caracal
Yrgrasil - Caracal
Zaldex Oscaras - Caracal

Kills and Losses

This time we had some more people, it seems it had helped that we had a Wormhole to Highsec. We headed out to http://evemaps.dotlan.net/map/Vale_of_t ... #npc_delta in the first run, and checked some Ratting Systems, since we had no scouts we just hoped... and got even a nice VNI at all.

(19:29:37) UH-9ZG
Vexor Navy Issue +175.98m
Capsule +137.93m

Since we were not really fast moving, the actual locals had already prepared a Camp with two Supers and a Flycatcher. A little bit scared i called to crash the gate, but we lost a lot of people here already. This is something which should be trained probably before next time, with heated prop you should easily able to crash, but well its now on my notes...

(19:49:01) UH-9ZG
Caracal -23.07m
Caracal -14.22m
Caracal -34.91m
Capsule -0.04m
Capsule -0.01m
Capsule -0.01m

For the second approach i tried to move out of the bubble shooting the flycatcher while doing that, i guess i should've tried this directly on the first attempt, but at least 1-2 Caracals got out, also the Scythe. We took then the Wormhole Back to soli.

(19:58:06) UH-9ZG
Caracal -19.9m
Caracal -10.65m
Caracal -18.03m
Capsule -0.01m

For the second round we had a Interceptor, and moved to evemaps.dotlan.net/map/Geminate/U6D-9A#npc_delta sadly we couldn't catch anything in the ratting systems and moved on to the Horde Staging (i don't planned to go actually in...).

On the way to this we found a Cane and shot it a little bit until he MJDed out (we need to make a Ares fit for these fleets, since our actual Scouts seem to be gallente focused). We had no Scram fitted.

In U-L4KS we directly crossed a Fleet which jumped into us, while crashing gate we lost some people again. Our scout actually just missed his cloak timer :D and died without an serious attempt to bail.

(20:45:16) U-L4KS
Ares -44.74m
Caracal -32.74m
Capsule -0.01m
Capsule -0.01m

On the other side we saw a Bellicose and i called to anchor up and shoot him since the other side of the gate couldn't jump for a while because of aggression timer. I tried to keep the fleet somehow moving away from the enemies, but guess i just did a awful job there. Target calls were mostly on everything close, but since we had no tackle at least a ceptor could bail heavily damaged.

After a while i tried to align the fleet to some safe, but in that moment they got close with dictors and bubbled up, i honestly saw that sabre too late. Called him primary, but we got him only in 2/3 Hull before he could also bail because of RLML Reload...

(20:49:31) Atioth
Bellicose +23.59m
Slasher +0.59m
Slasher +0.63m
Caracal -11.05m
Merlin +0.61m
Caracal -12.82m
Caracal -12.81m
Capsule -47.55m
Caracal -33.07m
Scythe -14.8m
Capsule -0.69m
Capsule -0.01m
Capsule -0.01m

ISK Destroyed: 339,319,849.59
ISK Lost: 331,171,215.04
ISK Delta: 8,148,634.55
Efficiency: 50.608%

All in all i think in this fleet i made my most confused performance at all.. at least in the beginning. The fight itself went okayish, but i think for other things i just assumed to often "higher" pilot skills at all, which killed actually a lot of us. Regarding to the Fleet doctrine i have made a note to find some ares fitting, and for the next run it would be an idea to use an additional caracal instead of the scythe maybe.

Decklin Quark Reiger



Post 2018.05.17 23:18

Re: [AAR] Solitude Roaming [2018-05-17T19:00]

Here are a couple good Ares fast fleet tackle fits:



Both fits use a point and scram, and rely on speed and agility to survive.

In both fits, the SAAR shouldn't really be relied on for repairing while holding tackle, because you'll likely cap yourself out. Instead, warp off when you need to, use the SAAR to repair, and then come back.

The Nos can help you deal with neut pressure if you can safely stay close enough to a target to use it, but generally being that close means you'll be scrammed. Getting scammed means you die, generally. So only use it as a last resort ( since being neuted dry means your MWD is off anyway).

Fergus Echerie


Assistant Campus Manager
Assistant Campus Manager

Post 2018.05.18 11:32

Re: [AAR] Solitude Roaming [2018-05-17T19:00]

As we know I got caught napping, I remember when you jumped and the attack fleet started warping in saying my cloak timer was half done already. Then somehow I forgot :lol:

Was a new one in that when I jumped there was a pod and a Tristan on gate but nothing else on D (14 in local), by the time you landed they were appearing from everywhere. I guess they were waiting for us as before I got podded I counted 42 in local.

I guess main lesson for me as +1 is jump in, report what I see and warp of regardless, I should not hang around as I can get back again fast enough, off to watch Chessur vids on YouTube.....
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Tolerin Escipion



Post 2018.05.18 15:55

Re: [AAR] Solitude Roaming [2018-05-17T19:00]

Thanks for the fun, learnt a lot

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