Post 2018.05.14 14:51

[PRACTICE] Command Dessies and MJFG - 23/5 @ 1800


Not a proper event, or class, but more of a practical so we can all learn together about Command Dessies and MFJG.

Where: On Singularity (SiSi), in 6-C for starter. We'll move to a close, quiet system.
Date/Time: Wed. 23/5 @ 1800, for 2 hours approximately. You can join at any moment.
What: : Learning how to use the MJFG module in general, in defense of offense (Booshing on a station, a gate, doing spear-fishing or V booshes, ...). If you can't fly a CD, don't hesitate to join. We can give you skill injectors, or you can be our practice dummy :)