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[AAR][Event] Death Arena Extended Edition

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Again sorry that we had to start an hour later than scheduled was to give the e-uni cup day 1 more time thank you for your understanding <3

So this is what happens in a FFA

Ok nice and easy start we formed up people started bouncing around and killing each other about 15-20 mins in I asked could I join in also looked like fun, exempt from prize's ofc was good fun chasing capt steele around dang his condor was a fast one. turn out wasn't as high as normal but a good bit was going on that day and the e-uni cup probably drained a good few souls was a good watch on twitch.

1st place:
Capt Steele

2nd place:

3rd place:
Sagittarius Griffins + Klue Pythious

Most deaths:
Sagittarius Griffins \o/

5 random people will each get 1: "Including spectators"
Xanid Zakhar
Klue Pythious
Airsick Lowlander

Will start making the contracts now, thank you all for coming

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