[FLEET] Solitude BLAP Caracals (1900 FEB 10)

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Crimson Herring



Post 2018.02.13 01:22

[FLEET] Solitude BLAP Caracals (1900 FEB 10)

Roam members (10) - NOTE: This section is NOT usually included in AARs.
Atrek Nhaz
Aurik Shale
Carl Misjekis
Castor Udan
Crimson Herring
Edwin Clough
Erwin Madelung
FragLord Ots
Sagittarius Griffins
Tye Etch

This fleet got off to a rough start as I forgot to make sure there were actually ships up on contract, meaning it took a little bit to get that sorted. We left to make our way to PC9-AY to pick up someone, but our logi got ahead and ran into a juicy looking Armageddon on a gate. Thinking we could probably take it, I called to engage. I was not paying close attention to range though, and somehow I let him get within neut and scram range of me. If I had been better at keeping range, we probably would have gotten him as he was a good bit of the way through his armor tank when I went down. We lost one other Caracal the same way, unfortunately.

Kills and Losses
(19:30:32) Y9G-KS
Caracal -14.42m
Caracal -30.85m

We reshipped into Atrons because we did not have anymore Caracals, and headed out again to go to low sec and see what we might be able to catch.
We found an Ares scouting for a gatecamp that was just set up in 97X-CH, and being cut off from our original destination, I decided to see if we could gank it before the gate camp responded. We couldn't.

(20:04:46) M2-CF1, 97X-CH
Atron -5.68m
Capsule -0.01m
Atron -7.97m
Atron -4.81m
Atron -4.83m
Capsule -6.25m
Capsule -0.01m
Capsule -0.01m

Range control still eludes me. I know theoretically how to fly kitey doctrines, but in the heat of the moment, there is a lot to lose track of.

ISK Destroyed: 0
ISK Lost: 74,839,077.86
ISK Delta: -74,839,077.86
Efficiency: 0%

Aurik Shale



Post 2018.02.13 07:07

Re: [FLEET] Solitude BLAP Caracals (1900 FEB 10)

The Fleet Feedback (at least for me) isn't showing up for that date and time. "Solitude BLAP Caracals (1900 Feb. 10) I don't mind giving you feedback here if you don't mind hearing it here.

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