[FLEET] Incursus - Rare birds hunting

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Kora K



Post 2017.11.13 15:03

[FLEET] Incursus - Rare birds hunting


The fleet was organized at the last moment, so thanks everyone for joining. It was a classic low-sec roaming fleet, where we desperately tried to find a fleet fight and killing stuffs on gate while waiting for intel. We did find 1-2 some fights, and we also killed a lot of ships we never saw in space :)

Roam members (16)
Atticus Vex
B'aldrick Aivoras
Calder Ormand
Decklin Quark Reiger
Eddie Dante
Fingers Valente
I Skip Legday
Kora K
Rebulah Conundrum
Rikali Laru
Trillian Ituin
Union Pivo
Zeon Alabel

Kills and Losses

First kill in Mel on the Mur gate. A poor Rupture jumped into us, we killed him, and no one died to gate guns.
(20:10:12Z) Melmaniel
Rupture +55.12m

After finding a lot of nothing in Placid and Black Rise West, we went to have a quick look into Okkamon. There was a Nighthawk, sitting nicely in a Large; We knew it was a bait, but I really wanted to kill this ship. We warped to the Large and started engaging the NH. Soon enough, his friends arrived to help him out. There was a Geddon, Brutix, Typhoon, Vigilante, at range. The NH was hald shield, so we put max DPS on him ready to bail out when he dies. He finally died, and we only traded an inquisitor for it. I decided to go for the Vigilante, when the ennemy gang wised up and started neuting the logi hard. 3 incursus and our VFI got popped, so we called scatter. Not a bad trade, even if we stayed a bit too much on grid.

(20:37:25Z) Okkamon
Inquisitor -9.8m
Nighthawk +370.85m
Incursus -9.43m
Incursus -6.57m
Incursus -17.55m
Vigil Fleet Issue -21.56m

We went to Ichoriya to reship, and we set Kehjari as a destination. I don't remember in which system it was, but Eddie found a dragoon sitting in a Medium. I though it could be a Recon trap, so we both went in. Inside, a Curse was waiting for us. The fleet came to secure secondary, but both ships warped off before the blob arrived.

We then found our second rare bird in Kinakka, an Exequror NI. Again, Eddie and I went for tackle, and the fleet arrived to finish him. Eddie got caught during the fight, but it was still a good trade :).

(21:16:47Z) Kinakka
Slasher -6.35m
Capsule -23.19m
Exequror Navy Issue +107.08m

We ganged a Bellicose (3rd bird) and Thorax, at the sun and on a gate, in Maroh/Kehjari.

(21:31:30Z) Martoh, Kehjari
Incursus -8.39m
Bellicose +31.41m
Thorax +30.14m

After that, I think we found a big HCOOK fleet flying around with us. We tried to go for them, but they escaped / warped off, deagressed. We temped blue them tho, because they needed some help killing / tackling a Dread in Kinakka. Unfortunately, the Dread was not there anymore, so we went on our merry way.

Since it was still early, we decided to swing back to Nenn hoping to find a last fight. We caught a hull tanked BNI on the ingate in Nenn, and I though it would be worth it to whelp the fleet on that. We were holding pretty well, until a Volta fleet came along and whelped us as predicted. They killed the BNI tho, so it was not all for nothing.

(21:51:54Z) Nennamaila
Merlin -7.52m
Incursus -10.78m
Incursus -9.37m
Incursus -8.36m
Incursus -8.83m
Inquisitor -6.63m
Incursus -10.35m
Punisher -9.94m
Incursus -4.78m
Incursus -6.24m
Brutix Navy Issue +245.16m

ISK Destroyed: 839,748,628
ISK Lost: 185,626,948.31
ISK Delta: 654,121,679.69
Efficiency: 81.897%

Budda Sereda


Fittings Manager
Fittings Manager

Post 2017.11.14 04:53

Re: [FLEET] Incursus - Rare birds hunting

Since it was still early, we decided to swing back to Nenn hoping to find a last fight. We caught a hull tanked BNI on the ingate in Nenn, and I though it would be worth it to whelp the fleet on that...
Was it the goal to whelp a fleet? :)

Leaving jokes around, how many logies did you have in the fleet? I see one Inquisitor, did you have others? I guess it was not flashy?
If not, engaging BNI in a fleet of Incursuses ... sounds like a suicide. If you could kite him, that would be an option...

It was fun I guess anyway? :)
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Kora K



Post 2017.11.14 06:47

Re: [FLEET] Incursus - Rare birds hunting

We probably had 3-4 logis, but I'm not really sure. Engaging a BNI with incursuses is pretty easy when he can't track you orbiting at 500. We had 2-3 logis and we're good.

Same thing happened against the small gang in Okkamon, they couldn't take us down until our logis and most of the fleet was neuted hard.
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Eddie Dante



Post 2017.11.14 08:41

Re: [FLEET] Incursus - Rare birds hunting

Artist impression of the uni fleet tackling the nighthawk:

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