[AAR] Low Sec Fisticuffs - Derpatrons 10SEPT 00:30

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Kontxesi Buchanan


Assistant Events Manager
Assistant Events Manager

Post 2017.09.10 20:16

[AAR] Low Sec Fisticuffs - Derpatrons 10SEPT 00:30

Date: 10 SEPT 2017
Form-up time: 00:30
Departure time: 00:50
Return time: 02:50
Duration: 2h00m

This fleet wasn't on the drop-down menu of the Fleet Feedback Form last night, and it probably isn't there now. I would still appreciate your feedback, so please leave a comment here or send me an EveMail!

Roam members (14)
Arashi Shizukana
Jim Electron (vanguard)
Kirsid Tannaway
Kontxesi Buchanan (FC)
Marn Vermuldir
Mike North
Nuefrau Simalia (vanguard)
Peter GromVik
Space Warfare Development
Stasia Ohau
Trevor Grambling
Z0X Ambrye (primary scout) (2IC)

☠ ☠ ☠ ☠ ☠ ☠ ☠ ☠ ☠ ☠ ☠

Our scout found a few things in the first few systems, but nothing that was still in the plex by the time he got there. In Oicx, he found a Hookbill and a Griffin Navy issue in a novice and an Algos in a small. I had him go for the novice, but the Hookbill was gone by the time he got in. As the vanguard slid the gate, the Hookbill landed again. Once we finished off the Griffin, there was also a Worm hanging out outside. We stuck around for a bit, but they didn't want to play.

Griffin Navy Issue +30.15m

Eha brought us a mess that ate our scout and vanguard. There was an Algos and a Slasher at a small, and I had the scout and vanguard go in together. Z0X called a Coercer landing outside as he landed, then Jim had another Algos and an Incursus land when he did. It ended up being 3 on 5 and they all died before we got in, and we scattered as soon as we got in.

Atron -5.87m
Atron -7.65m
Atron -3.98m

One of the Algoses apparently died about 10 minutes later, and Z0X was on the kill. I'm counting it.

Algos +26.82m

We then made our way to Ichoriya with FC scouting. We didn't find anything on the way there, which was probably a good thing since we had about 6 people in ships at the time. Once the scout and vanguard had reshipped, we were on our way again.

Nennamalia was almost a really good time. There was Brutix in the large, and in a medium we had a Garmur, Ishtar, Punisher, and Crow. We also had Kelon Darklight in system. The Brutix was obviously bait, but after some discussion among the fleet we decided to go for it. Scout and vanguard warped to the large. Once they had point, the fleet jumped in and warped over. While the fleet was in warp, all of the mess from the medium landed. We scattered immediately, and as we warped off... Kelon landed. He got smashed and podded.

In Kedama, Z0X found a Breacher, Fed Navy Comet, and an Atron at a small. I had him go for it and sent in the vanguard. When Z0X got there, only the Breacher was left. He went to the medium and the fleet warped after him. Neufrau got to the small a little late, and there was an Atron and a Punisher sitting on the gate. They scrammed him and he went down.

The medium was empty, so once we were all gathered there, we warped back to the small to see if we could avenge Neufrau. There were a Worm, Vengeance, 2 Catalysts, and a Fed Navy Comet there when we landed. Everything but the Worm and the Vengeance warped off, and the Vengeance hung out to watch us chew up the Worm until Jim jammed him. Then he wasn't having any fun and left. When we slid the gate, there was a flashy Atron inside, but he warped before we could nab him.

The Breacher and Punisher landed at the gate so we hung out to see if they'd come in. Another Atron slid in, and we ended his night for him. The rest of the group gathered back up at the gate too, but with the Catalysts I wasn't super interested. Luckily, they left instead of sliding into us. The were scared of our Griffins, according to local chat.

Atron -4.16m
Worm +115.99m
Atron +3.86m

At this point, Quing Fei jumped into system in a Domi. I've killed him a few times, and always enjoy a repeat kill. Plus grr gons, so you just gotta try. After missing that Brutix, I was itching to go for something big. We met him at the Hirri gate and circled each other for a bit. But then destroyer/frigate group from before landed close by and spooked me, so I had the fleet warp to Tama. One of the dessie/frigate guys called for a truce to kill the Domi. If we'd had a few more people in fleet, I might have gone for it. But as it stood, I wasn't sanguine about our chances in the case of a double cross.

In Tama, Z0X found 2 Algoses duking it out in a small. When he got there, they were already pretty badly damaged. He managed to point one of them right before he died, and then switched point to the other. This guy was in 7% structure, and they tried to hold point until the rest of us got there. Jim went down, and then they took him out before his drones could wreck another one of us.

Algos +26.72m
Griffin -1.6m
Algos +12.98m
Capsule +0.01m

When we got back to Kedama, we found the Domi wreck at the Hirri gate, which made me tres sad. We then played some gate games with the dessie/frig group from before, jumping back and forth between Kedama and Nisuwa. When two Cyclones showed up on the Kedama side and aggressed a Fed Navy Comet, I didn't really want to play anymore. In retrospect, that might have been a fight that we should have taken.

In Oinasiken, we took on a Vexor at a medium. Arashi got there in time to allow Z0X to warp out, but he died right as we got another point. A dessie fleet showed up on D-scan, so we overheated to burn down the Vexor. We tried to loot the wreck before bouncing, but they slid in and we scattered. Unfortunately, Wokum paid for my loot greed with his ship and pod.

Atron -6.54m
Vexor +29.92m
Atron -6.66m
Capsule -0.01m

In Abune on the Oinasiken gate, Z0X was aggressed by a Thrasher. A Fed Navy Comet showed up, then a Merlin, Algos, and Stiletto. It was parts of the dessie/frigate group from before. After the Thrasher went down, I was jammed by the Griffin and warped off to shake him (which was dumb). I handed command to Z0X while I was offgrid, and he handled taking the Comet down. He went down, but the Comet died right as I landed. I had the fleet scatter at that point. Stasia got caught as we warped off.

Thrasher +21.79m
Griffin -3.37m
Atron -4.38m
Atron -4.7m
Federation Navy Comet +41.49m
Atron -4.23m

We lost 4 in that fight, which left us with only about 5 people left in ships. Z0X took the pod express home at this point, and Marn pod-scouted our way back to Stacmon. As we landed on the Heydieles gate, I just about had a heart attack when a huge wall of flashing yellow jumped in. BNI, Bhaalgorn, Pontifex, Confessor, Phobos, Golem, Hurricane Fleet Issue, Vagabond, two Paladins, Deimos, and Sacrilege. They weren't interested in us, though, and we passed each other without incident.

The route back was pretty quiet, other than a plex farming Navitas we found in Oulletta.

Navitas +0.27m

ISK Destroyed: 310,003,864.65
ISK Lost: 53,163,448.49
ISK Delta: 256,840,416.16
Efficiency: 85.361%


This wasn't as boring as last week's fleet, at least. Everyone seemed to enjoy the Brutix bait fake-out, and that dessie/frigate fleet gave us some interesting content throughout the night. For the rest of the fleet, I was second-guessing the Brutix decision and thinking I should have stayed. However, after the fleet ended I looked at Kelon's loss. A Hecate, a Confessor, and a Stiletto had joined the party as well. We would have gotten eaten alive, so I think I made the right call when we bailed.

I also was wishing we'd gone ahead and fought the Brutix, but once he was killed we saw that he was fit with smart bombs and a heavy stasis grappler. I'm pretty sure that would have gone badly for us in our brawly doctrine.

Items to Improve

I didn't really notice any glaring mistakes this go around. The Ichoriya reshipping slowed us down a bit, but our numbers were low enough at that point I felt that we needed to regroup. If anyone noticed anything I could have done better, other than the usual "make decisions a little faster" and "learn what we can take", please mention it in the comments!
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Stasia Ohau



Post 2017.09.11 13:20

Re: [AAR] Low Sec Fisticuffs - Derpatrons 10SEPT 00:30

Smaller fleet but better content. I'm going to blame last week's thin pickins on it being a US holiday weekend.

I pretty much knew that killing that Navy Comet was going to be suicide but it was close to the end of the night anyway and that ship was bought so it could die horribly. The only regret was that I still had Jim's stuff in my hold :oops: At least I got the pod out.

Only criticism I have is minor. There were a couple of stretches of dead air, but those were at some non-critical times so vOv.

Glen Burney


Campus Manager
Campus Manager

Post 2017.09.11 16:21

Re: [AAR] Low Sec Fisticuffs - Derpatrons 10SEPT 00:30

Looks like a good time, well done FC!

Nuefrau Simalia



Post 2017.09.13 00:20

Re: [AAR] Low Sec Fisticuffs - Derpatrons 10SEPT 00:30

Great fleet, thanks for organizing it. Last time we went out I didn't lose a ship so I am glad I made up for it this time. I think you made all the right calls and am sorry I had to leave before the fleet was over.
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