Post 2017.07.17 17:23

Sunday is good for removing trash again

I was logging on and while I was waiting for the client to spool up, I heard someone slowly dying to a Broadsword. Once in game, I asked what had happened and what we were facing?
As I suspected, a black hole had opened up and swallowed the whole NSC!! I kid you not....

Well, we had a few Harbi's, Canes, Broadsword, ONI, and some tackle stuff that had come to kill our little campus spirit in the NSC. Well we could not have that happen. So we built a big Bonfire and sang songs, and got our spirits up and went back to our hangars and jumped in our ships.

So enemy fleet was at a safe, Broadsword burning to a Uni straight off the undock (duhh?) They were very cocky, but not in a good way.... so we undocked our little version of hell on earth! Tackled the Broadsword and we all warped out to him and started to burn him with the intent on the rest of their fleet coming to the rescue and then we would switch to them as the landed and save the Broadsword for last. Harbi got primary call but as he went down quickly, micro jumped out of harm's way and survived. Everyone of them was able to warp off, so we killed the Broadsword, and then a Cane came back on field and we dispatched him. Then Gila came in to try to hit us, and then he warped to JH gate as we followed and he landed at a low tac. So we sent someone to point him, and he sat there way to long, point was called and the fleet warped down from gate and gave him the proper spanking he needed, pod included I believe.

Then we kill an ONI and maybe something else, they went and brought back a Bhaalgorn which was able to neut me down in my cane as I tried to kill their Rapier. We had people reshipping at the moment, so no real DPS on field. We finally had ships ready, jumped back and forth to JH and PC-9 and got another Harbi, and that may have been it. ... _id=434776

70% ISK efficiency, not bad.

Fill in the blanks people! Great job and I like this Sunday evening kill fest we seem to be having.

Dastardly Nash