[AAR] NoP Kitchen Sink Frigates - July 10th 02:30

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Tyler Arnoux



Post 2017.07.16 20:29

[AAR] NoP Kitchen Sink Frigates - July 10th 02:30

Smooth out fleet movements.
Call targets for multi-ship engagements.
Take fights on gates.

Arashi Shizukana
Barrett Chanlin
Beavis Alland
Budda Sereda
Croz Mastecham
Davnik Heasithym
Falrien Silcia
Harlan Adoudel - Scout
Jack Cake Zeta
Jason VanZhandt
Jim Electron
Julex Lennox
Shizuka Shinano
Tansarii Kashada
Tyler Arnoux
Z0X Ambrye

Roam Report
Formed at Stacmon V-9 at 02:30. Undocked around 02:45.

Our first loss was our scout, attempting a tackle at a small. He was unable to pull range fast enough to avoid getting killed.

(03:01:51) Heydieles
Slasher -3.5m

Our first engagement was with a Thorax and a Condor. The flashy Thorax jumped through to us and a non-flashy Condor showed up soon after. We burn down the Thorax without issue. One of our fleet-mates attempted to tackle the Condor, and took gate guns until being destroyed.

(03:21:12) Pynekastoh
Thorax +26.33m
Kestrel -13.29m
Capsule +0.01m

Our next fight was with a Hawk. Our scout slid into the Small to grab a tackle. We were able to arrive before the Ares was destroyed, and we were able to take him down without any further losses due to our ECM.

(03:37:22) Nennamaila
Ares -41.36m
Hawk +281.64m

In Innia we happened upon a Nereus. As always we took the bait; it was combat fit, but we were able to take it down without issue.

(04:16:03) Innia
Nereus +17.3m
Capsule +0.01m

Akidagi was busy as usual; on our way in, we just hurried through. On our way out, I got the call that there was a lone Kestrel at the Novice. We warp, slide and pop him quickly.

(04:32:08) Akidagi
Kestrel +8.87m
Capsule +0.01m

In Hikkoken we happened upon a small gang of faction and pirate frigates. I wanted to take the fight, but was only comfortable taking in from the inside of a plex. We warp to the Novice in Hikkoken, but unfortunately one of our fleet mates gets stuck in the gate. We warp between celestials and the gate a few time to see if we could catch a hostile frigate or two out of line, but we were unsuccessful.

(04:50:58) Hikkoken
Rifter -17.3m

In Pyne, our scout found a Vengeance and a Rupture at the small. He goes in for tackle, and I have the fleet follow shortly after. We first take the Vengance, as he is sitting at zero on the button. He goes down without too much trouble. During this fight, the Rupture pilot seem to be debating whether to engage or not. He goes back and forth between launching and pulling his drones, and his indecision allows our faster tackle to pin him down. He takes one Tristan with him, but he is jammed for most of the fight.

(05:01:46) Pynekastoh
Vengeance +38.23m
Tristan -6.25m
Rupture +43.03m
Capsule +0.01m

While waiting on the Reitsato gate in Rakapas, our scout lets the fleet know that we have a Cruor jumping through. He isn't flashy, so I make sure to once over gate gun mechanics again. We engage and bounce through our rotation as we start taking fire. We lose our first tackler to gate guns, and a Derpatron to the Cruor. Our ECM pilot is quickly alpha'd off by gate guns after landing a jam on the Cruor. When the main body of the fleet arrives back on grid we are able to finish him off.

(05:09:15) Rakapas
Slasher -4.26m
Atron -3.61m
Griffin -7.43m
Cruor +73.8m

In Melmaniel, we lose our scout's Atron to another while scout is trying to locate targets in system.

(05:55:54) Melmaniel
Atron -5.05m

ISK Destroyed: 489,243,424.79
ISK Lost: 102,047,332.16
ISK Delta: 387,196,092.63
Efficiency: 82.742%

I felt really good about this fleet. We were able to take a lot of fights, our scouts were on point, and engagements went our way.

I had a lot of help from Budda and Arashi; their advice, coaching, and scouting helped make this my best fleet so far.

It really helps me to talk through the engagement either with another FC in the fleet or even myself.

ECM is incredibly valuable. Our survivability was greatly increased and we had to deal with a lot less incoming DPS overall.

Budda Sereda


Fittings Manager
Fittings Manager

Post 2017.07.17 00:29

Re: [AAR] NoP Kitchen Sink Frigates - July 10th 02:30

Tyler Arnoux wrote:I had a lot of help from Budda and Arashi; their advice, coaching, and scouting helped make this my best fleet so far.

Thanks for a good word Tyler!

In the beginning of the fleet, I learned you are not taking gate fights with non-flashies and was really frustrated. I did not want to push with my opinion so kept quiet. But at some point, discussion of gate fights appeared again so I expressed my opinion and glad you took it: that Cruor was the prize for been brave:)

Enjoyed flying EWar this time: once escaped really low in armor: http://i.imgur.com/GrIdmwn.jpg

The only thing made me sad is that I tackled that non-flashy Cruor in Griffin before aligning out: my feeling was that fleet is struggling to get Cruor down and losing numbers so I wanted to help ASAP. And I had a feeling that gate guns are focusing on the fleet. I guess the lesson is: you better help few seconds later and stay alive other than die.
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Barrett Chanlin



Post 2017.07.17 04:59

Re: [AAR] NoP Kitchen Sink Frigates - July 10th 02:30

Great fleet FC, always fun to learn new concepts and execute them. Shout out to Budda for +1 teacher and EWAR!
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