mining optimization refining sheet

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Xiang Fong



Post 2017.01.11 13:41

mining optimization refining sheet

Hello everyone,
A few days ago I saw a post about mining optimization. What was annoying for me however, was that it doesn't allow me to see what's best to refine. So I started making my own sheet. The sheet I got now was good enough that I wanted to share it. So I made a drive document to be found here: ... 1U3d19faEE
It is used to see how much money/m3 you can make by refining the ore, thus seeing what is the most efficient to mine & refine. Second tab shows hisec ores only, but is more compact. Prices need manual input, so make a copy and input the current local market prices on the first tab if you want to use it. The seconde tab will automatically copy them.
The folder may be updated with new sheets as I make and publish them.

A question for you all: How does one autoupdate the prices in a sheet?

Turhan Bey


Director of Logistics
Director of Logistics

Post 2017.01.15 02:48

Re: mining optimization refining sheet

Xiang Fong wrote:A question for you all: How does one autoupdate the prices in a sheet?

Video of class recording: Automatic Price Lookups in GoogleDocs
Links to the sample spreadsheet and formulae are in the video description.

It uses EVE Marketeer, but the method should be transferable to any other site with an XML API for price queries.
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