Access to Blue Prints and Blue Prints in PC9

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Gvhnige Wahya
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Access to Blue Prints and Blue Prints in PC9

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How do I gain access to blueprints in Stacmon. I am at the Maniac Memorial but when I try to access the Blueprint folder with my main Uni Character I get a message saying I need take access. I searched for an instructions page in forums and could not find one.

Also would it be possible to set up in PC9. There are more than a few people doing production in PC9 and T22.

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Anidien Dallacort
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Director of Education
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Re: Access to Blue Prints and Blue Prints in PC9

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Here are the instructions for using the Uni BPO libraries: ... ry_Hangars

A couple of key notes:

- You need Freshman or higher to access the library.

- Only directors and the production manager can take things from the library hangar. You use the blueprints through the industry window.

- Only run copy jobs from the library, not manufacturing jobs. Be sure your output for the copy is into an accessible corp hangar point. Take the copy when it is done, and manufacture from that.

It works this way in any Uni library location - yes there are facilities and a library in the Null Sec staging area.
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