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Elara T'Ratha
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Post by Elara T'Ratha »

Hi Hello!
I'm here to list some amazing (in my opinion) books/series to read!
First I'll echo what's already been said about Brandon Sanderson's Cosmere, and that the Mistborn Era 1 Trilogy is a good place to start.

These are mostly (if not completely) sci-fi (in keeping with EVE themes)

The Expanse series by James S.A. Corey - Great books and a solid setting

The Locked Tomb series by Tamsyn Muir - Lesbian Necromancers in Space. No really. Lots of WH40k vibes but also lots of current references.

The First Sister series by Linden A. Lewis - Space opera of politics and warfare between Venus/Mercury and Mars/Earth folk. Lots of great setting.

Memory Called Empire (Book one of the Teixcalaan series) by Arkady Martine - Space politics and diplomacy, meshing with secret cerebral implant technology.


Those I've read and they've all stuck with me, I hope y'all enjoy them if you pick them up.
Some series I'd like to get into myself, are known for having a hard learning curve, namely:

Malazan Book of the Fallen - I made it to book 3 or 4, WITH reading guides helping me along the way, but it was still CHONKY

The Culture Series - I've heard good things, but trying to read Consider Phlebas I was very lost and got distracted very quickly.

Honor Harrington series - I've read two of these, and enjoyed them well enough, just never had the desire to continue. I might consider going back and seeing how they progress over time.
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Elan Vital
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Post by Elan Vital »

I really enjoyed watching The Expanse and I should definitely give the books a try. I haven't read any science fiction in years. I did a deep dive into much of the early stuff in the genre, such as Heinlein, Bradbury, Asimov, and E.E. "Doc" Smith's Lensman series. Perhaps it is time to read more current stuff. I'll check out some of the others on the list as well.
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Troy Boirelle
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Post by Troy Boirelle »

Thanks for the recommendations, these sound really interesting! I'll definitely have to look into them
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Jane Botasky
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Post by Jane Botasky »

Classics aside, here is some light reading.

  • The Broken Empire series by Mark Lawrence (Prince of Thorns, King of Thorns, Emperor of Thorns): green post-apocalypses setting, quite dark, a protagonist that we love to hate. Signature quote: “War, my friends, is a thing of beauty. Those as says otherwise are losing”.
  • The Red Queen's War series by Mark Lawrence (Prince of Fools, The Liar's Key, The Wheel of Osheim): same universe, completely opposite tone - light and humorous, the contrast is amusing. Signature quote is in my in-game bio: “I’m a liar and a cheat and a coward, but I will never, ever, let a friend down. Unless of course not letting them down requires honesty, fair play, or bravery”.
  • Memory, Sorrow, and Thorn trilogy by Tad Williams: worth reading just to realize how derivative the GoT is. A classic hero's journey fantasy, complete with a high king ruling over 7 kingdoms, political intrigue, betrayal, blood magic, dragons, imminent threat of not-white-walkers' return. The Sorrow part was what captivated me when I first read it - the sorrow of losing everything, sacrificing what was left still, yearning for revenge: "We will have it back, manchild. We will have it all back!".
  • Frontlines series Marko Kloos: military sci-fi, never sends you to a dictionary but a must-read if you like Starship Troopers (the movie, not the book). “Decaf is an abomination, and serving it to someone should be considered a human rights violation,” - having joined a number of Yuri Levnik's midnight (in my TZ) fleets, I couldn't agree more.
  • Old Man's War by John Scalzi: A boomer in space. A down-to-Earth (and other planets) sci-fi, not a grand space-opera, no epics or heroics. Ideal for those tired of Dune and Horus Heresy. "John Perry did two things on his 75th birthday. First he visited his wife's grave. Then he joined the army".
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