[CLASS] Intro to Weapons | Tuesday 12 July | 18:00 EVE Time

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[CLASS] Intro to Weapons | Tuesday 12 July | 18:00 EVE Time

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Introduction to Weapon Systems covers the basics of the different types of weapon available in EVE Online, how they work, what ammunition they use, and the basics of utilizing them or countering them. This class will be useful for anyone who is ever involved in combat, even if only in PvE combat or as a potential target—knowing how each kind of weapon functions is a great way to increase your survivability!

Instructor: Uryence
When: Tuesday 12 July, 18:00 EVE Time
Where: Classroom Alpha on Discord (slides), and Classroom Alpha on the Mumble server (audio)
Duration: 90 minutes scheduled; probably less than this, depending on the Q&A—you certainly won't have to listen to me drone on forever!

This 'CORE' class covers the following topics:
  • Turret Mechanics
  • Energy Turrets and their ammunition
  • Hybrid Turrets and their ammunition
  • Projectile Turrets and their ammunition
  • Missile Mechanics and ammunition
  • Drones
  • Specialist Weapons Systems
  • Q&A
Student requirements:
  • Access to the public parts of Uni Discord
  • Access to Mumble
Additional information:
This class is primarily a lecture and discussion. There is no practical component or need to undock. We recommend not doing anything risky or attention-intensive in-game while listening!

If you want to do some OPTIONAL pre-reading, CCP's new page on combat mechanics rewards a careful read. Again, this is OPTIONAL!
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