[AAR] Magic Merlins 21/05/05

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Sean Yakin
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[AAR] Magic Merlins 21/05/05

Post by Sean Yakin »

Roam members (20)
Albedo183 - Slasher
Baz Glengoyne - Merlin
Ben Lear - Burst
Blue Dorandal - Merlin
Bonto Syl - Merlin
Clemence DeGrace - Burst
Dr Joseph RD - Merlin
Duradel - Merlin
Erean - Merlin
Gaelys Aarmenvar - Merlin
Irving Farnham - Merlin
Jake Sandersen - Burst
Jordareen Cyla Athonille - Merlin
Julius ReifrardRenlard Toten - Merlin
Kimeemaru - Burst
Mark Ongard - Burst
Nessie Black - Merlin
RLoagan - Merlin
Sainaras Aishai - Slasher
Sean Yakin - Merlin
Kills and Losses

(20:17:08) Oicx
Slasher -6.47m
Enyo +66.97m

Fleet engaged an Enyo at a Complex and killed it. Slasher was lost.

(20:34:34) Akidagi
Slasher -14.1m
Punisher +7.79m
Slasher -6.45m
Merlin -10.1m

Fleet engaged 2 Ishkurs and a Jaguar. Slasher was lost before I warped fleet away.
Next the fleet encountered a Punisher, which we were able to kill.
The previous gang of 2 Ishkurs and Jaguar warped to us and engaged us. Fleet lost a Slasher and a Merlin, before I made the decision to warp away.

(21:20:57) Tama
Slasher -6.46m
Catalyst +4.93m
Merlin -6.54m
Capsule -0.01m
Merlin -9.8m
Ibis +0m

Fleet engaged a Thrasher and a Catalyst. the fleet killed the Catalyst, but in the process the fleet lost a Slasher and a Merlin. Another Merlin was lost to Caldari Sentry Guns.

A lone Ibis was also killed by a member of the fleet.

(21:35:42) Old Man Star
Algos +10.2m

Fleet killed an Algos at a Complex.

No ships encountered on the way back to Eugales.

Overall, it was a great fleet and it was a pleasure to FC these fine individuals.

ISK Destroyed: 89,890,782
ISK Lost: 59,939,620.32
ISK Delta: 29,951,161.68
Efficiency: 59.995%

Overall evaluation
  • (Positive stuff)
    • Pleased that the strategy of having just a Burst and a Merlin jump the in-gate as the Slasher was sliding the acitvation gate and having the two warp in to help the Slasher. I then had the rest of the fleet jump the gate and then taking a fleet warp to the outpost to engage.
    • Logi was excellent, as always.
    • Fleet followed commands well and I was impressed with the professionalism.
    (Negative stuff)
    • I need to remember that nothing is learned if I am warping the fleet away from encounters that I really should accept.
    • I need to improve on the flow of the fleet. There are times when the fleet is stationary too long.
    • I need to give the scouts time to do their job. I can't make the mistake of warping the fleet to a location before the scouts have investigated . The results could be very unwelcome.
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Ben Lear
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Re: [AAR] Magic Merlins 21/05/05

Post by Ben Lear »

Great fleet Sean really enjoyed it. Some terrific content, chasing and being chased by kitie ships was very interesting and finishing at Old Man Star was of course historic :)

My only disappointment was actually surviving the whole fleet in my Logi Burst without being killed once (And no I didn't rep any of the ships we were trying to kill... )

Already looking foward to your next fleet, you are an excellent FC
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