John Bellicose Day Travel Fleet - 29/04/2021 20.00

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John Bellicose Day Travel Fleet - 29/04/2021 20.00

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John Bellicose was a well-loved capsuleer and teacher with with Brave Newbies. John lost his life to suicide 6 years ago, and his death was one of the reasons the suicide prevention initiative Broadcast 4 Reps was founded. If you haven't seen this video, please watch it: Broadcast 4 Reps

Every year Brave comes together to mark John Bellicose day: "John Bellicose day is a time-honored tradition held by Brave Alliance. We will put our in-game politics aside to celebrate life. This vigil is about Celebrating the connections we make with fellow pilots and remembering the ones we’ve lost." ... _for_john/

Brave are holding a 24 hour cyno vigil in their home system on 29 April 2021. This is one of those wonderful moments when the whole of EVE comes together, and its definitely something you should attend at least once if you can. I'll be running a travel fleet from Hotel Sierra Charlie in Amygnon at 20.00 for people who would like to attend.

Important: This is not a combat fleet. We will be going in to sov null where Brave's home system is, but for this 24 hours only they will not be shooting people unless fired upon first. This does not mean that noone else will shoot us, but let's adorable-tank our way there...

For this fleet please bring either a shuttle or a travelceptor. I'll have some cheap cyno ships and firework ship handouts for those who would like them closer to the destination.

This fleet is fine to attend if you have not been on a fleet before, I will be gentle and it will be easy to follow along. I will look after you kittens. Come and celebrate life with us, and remember those we have lost.

EDIT: We are expecting some friends with us on this fleet, so we'll be using EVE Uni public mumble. Instructions for joining are here: ... nect_Guide. Fleet will be leaving from Hotel Sierra Charlie in Amygnon, expected undock time is 20.15.
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