[AAR] Magic Merlins 21/03/25

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Sean Yakin
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[AAR] Magic Merlins 21/03/25

Post by Sean Yakin »

Fleet headed out from Eugales - The Flying Dutchman enroute to our final destination Tama. Encountered and destroyed Praxis and Magnate in Pynekastoh.
Continued to Kedama, where I had the fleet loop back (really not necessary, could have had scouts check out systems) back to Pynekastoh.
Arrived in Tama where the fleet destroyed destroyed a Confessor, a Wolf, and a Federation Navy Comet. Ultimately, 11 Merlins, 1 Slasher, 1 Burst, and a Nemesis were lost.

Roam members (20)
Albedo183 - Merlin
Atlas Breau - Merlin
Ben Lear - Merlin
Bluegru Heslead - Merlin
Erean - Burst
Etner EthMena - Merlin
Fonggar Akiga - Merlin
Gaelys Aarmenvar - Merlin
Goomba1701 - Merlin
Hikaru Sakai - Atron, Merlin
Io Dadunur - Merlin
Mark Ongard - Burst
Nessie Black - Merlin
Saikko - Burst
Sainaras Aishai - Slasher
Sean Yakin - Merlin
Selara Trondinvale - Slasher
Space Warfare Development - Nemesis
Theon II - Merlin
Ukan Uitoh
Kills and Losses

(21:34:07) Hirri, Pynekastoh, Tama
Merlin -4.92m
Capsule -0.01m
Merlin -5.94m
Capsule -0.01m
Merlin -9.77m
Praxis +347.23m
Magnate +12.31m
Capsule +19.5m
Confessor +77.77m

(22:10:03) Tama
Merlin -9.39m
Merlin -5.91m
Wolf +65.57m
Slasher -7.21m
Burst -7.53m
Federation Navy Comet +30.74m
Merlin -5.85m
Merlin -9.1m
Merlin -9.76m
Merlin -6.79m
Merlin -5.96m
Merlin -9.67m
Merlin -9.16m
Merlin -5.9m
Merlin -9.17m

(23:06:20) Tama
Nemesis -213.11m

ISK Destroyed: 553,108,245.85
ISK Lost: 335,154,098.63
ISK Delta: 217,954,147.22
Efficiency: 62.269%

Overall evaluation
  • (Positive stuff)
    • Newbros enjoyed the fleet and felt they had learned from being on this fleet.
    • Enjoyed the opportunity to FC my first fleet, and looking forward to continuing the learning experience.
    • Scouts/Logi did a fantastic job.
    (Negative stuff)
    • I need to communicate my thoughts and ideas more clearly to the fleet.
    • I need to be somewhat quicker in my decision making, to put the fleet in a better position.
Any other comments or suggestions would be much appreciated.
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Sainaras Aishai
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Re: [AAR] Magic Merlins 21/03/25

Post by Sainaras Aishai »

Ayyy Sean this was a really fun fleet! Glad we could introduce so many newbros to the art of fleet warfare hehe. Looking forward to the next one!
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