Noob Notes 1: Obtaining "difficult" parts

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Noob Notes 1: Obtaining "difficult" parts

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Welcome to the first edition of Noob Notes (TM), the first Noob Guides by a Noob!

Since this is the first in (I hope) a series, here is a little of my background:
According to Eve records, I have been playing for 34 days. I was about halfway through "The Blood-Stained Stars" (the Noob story arc), when I paused for reflection after getting three destrroyers shot out from under me. My favorite tactic was to get in a Minmater ship loaded with autocannons and wade into the middle of my opponents blasting them out of the vacuum. I decided that I needed to learn some different tactics and perhaps branch out into a few more ship types. I started reading the E-Uni Wiki and decided to join Eve University since they seemed to know what they were doing. Plus, it looked like my best route to Fleet Commander. ;-) But enough about me.

Obtaining "difficult" parts.

Have you ever plotted out exactly what it would take to build your ultimate ship and go to buy the parts from the market and that one part that magically increases all of your ship's stats twentyfold was only located in low securty space seven jumps away? I was in the process of building destroyers (because mine got destroyed as previously mentioned) and each new version was better than the last. I noticed that i had bought several parts in 0.3 space and I was worried about getting them. Do I risk my shiny new hard-earned destroyer? Do I give up and leave my already-purchased parts where they are? Neither! (actually I tried the destroyer route and it got ganked on the way out) My solution is to buy the cheapest frigate and outfit it with absolutely nothing that did not come on it. Unless you are buying an unusually large part, most frigates have plenty of space in their hold for multiple small parts. In addition, you are flying a cheap ship and gankers look for something with bling or something that can carry lots of bling. If you cannot be overpowering, be unobtrusive ( I am sure that Sun-Tsu said something like that). I have made twenty or so trips back and forth to low-sec (I have built quite a few ships for different purposes) and I did not even get a sniff from hostile players. Warp quickly, know your next destination, and fly under the radar.

See you on the D-Scan!
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