Post 2020.04.03 21:40

Project Rho - Science of starships

Hello Everyone,

If someone likes math and physics of starships, and has way more free time that they should - go check It's incredible site in many aspects - it looks completely terrible, is packed with equations and excruciating details about existing/potential/fictional starship designs, and a lot of other stuff regarding spaceships in general. If you're into reading such things - it's worth looking (and ignore 90s look).

I haven't read it completely - and I do not know if I ever will. I started couple of year ago, and I come back to it sometimes - and I was wondering if it's possible (or reasonable) to incorporate real physics in game about space. Do you think that game like Eve could be more complex, with more realistic space travel? I mean - not 100% realistic, as it would be terrible, but with another layer of complexity, like fuel?