Post 2020.01.14 16:00

Low Sec Incursion Fleet: 15 January 2020(CANCELLED)

The Incursion community is out again with more low sec Vanguards scheduled!
This is a perfect opportunity to learn more about Incursion Vanguards and even participate as a low SP pilot!

We are using an alpha-friendly doctrine to help those who really want to fly with us but don't have the skills required for regular fleets yet.
Even if you can't fly doctrine fits, we could always use scouts and tackle, so be at 101 during form-up, we will set you up with something,
so we all can have some fun! We will form a travel fleet from citadel 101, or you can wait for us near the focus, at Narai.
Standard wartime procedures apply, so be careful while moving ships during war!

WHEN: Wednesday, 15 January 2020, 19:00 EVE time
WHERE: Citadel 101-Amygnon

WHEN: Wednesday, 15 January 2020, 20:00 EVE time
WHERE: Narai III - Moon 1 - Ardishapur Family Bureau

You can find the fits HERE

If you are really below CPU/PG consider using meta neutralizers instead of TII, or you might even need to offline them, but please don't compromise tank. All fits will be checked on x-up, it's up to the FC to determine if they are acceptable or not, based on fleet comp. Logis should invest on their amarr cruiser skill, the higher the better!

Event cancelled because the focus was popped before time, so better luck next time...
We might have a losec incursion fleet on the weekend, so stay tuned!