[AAR] HSC Impromto FOB Bashing Fleet & The Nightmare Escape

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Post 2020.01.12 18:50

[AAR] HSC Impromto FOB Bashing Fleet & The Nightmare Escape

Roam members (4)
Vodomort mort - Dominix
De W Javqe - Dominix
Analee Tsasa - Atron
manda doomsslayer - Dominix

Kills and Losses

So Amy spawned a new FOB. After playing around with the Roam Fleets, we decided to go bash it. manda, Vodomort, Analee and I decided to go kill it. After a hour of background stuff(Newbro stuff), we decided to set out. Unfortunately, we lost a frigate in the attempt to get the Mining Defence Fleet to chase us.

(15:37:41) Amygnon
Atron -5.5m

After that, we waited a bit more until we found the mining fleet again. After we did the magic(Aggro them and flee), we moved unto the main attraction.

When we landed at 0, we immediately turned around and then warped out to 500 km. After that, we started fighting. Already, issues started to pop up. We got the worst spawn I could have imagined. All the toys they could throw at us, they did. They only thing the RNGesus didn't pull out was the Logi.

Immediately, Vodomort got jammed. That's not that much of an issue. We can maintain stable cap chain for a while without one person. But issues started popping up when Vodomort kept getting jammed. I dunno what kind of voodoo magic those Blackbirds were made of, but they kept getting successful jams after successful jams. That's when it started to fall apart. We were getting low on Cap. I noticed this, and started using my Cap Boosters early on. I failed to mention this to the rest of the fleet. In an instant, manda was capped out. His Hardeners were off, and we were in trouble. When I noticed manda was taking a lot more damage than there should be, I tried to hurry everyone out of there. I instructed the Domis to activate the MJDs, but unfortunately manda took a bit too long to activate his own. That small window was all that was needed, and manda was gone.

(16:12:44) Amygnon
Dominix -237.4m

I had already getting to commanding a fleet warp(when manda was still in jump animation), so Vodomort and I made it out. manda's pod was safely warped out too; I guess the pod caught the fleet warp. Luckily we were still aligned when we jumped, so warp didn't take too long.

ISK Destroyed: 0
ISK Lost: 242,903,116.99
ISK Delta: -242,903,116.99
Efficiency: 0%

Overall evaluation
    (Positive stuff)
    We learned stuff!
    (Negative stuff)
    We lost a Dominix. Pretty big blow I must say.

All in all, I'm a bit sad that we came to this. I was hoping to do a routine FOB Bashing, and it turned into a nightmare. I guess though I do have a extra checklist to go for next time.

- Go for Blackbirds first. Don't worry about the frigs. Just kill the Blackbirds first.
- Communication. Many mistakes were made in this regard. I should have called out for Cap Boosters to go active. We should have had more communication with each other.
- I guess a bit of poor judgement also comes into play. I should've taken the jams more seriously. I should've aborted sooner.
- Overall better plan of attack. I'll probably need to redo my order of engagement to which scripts to load for the fleet.

I can do a full write-up on what changes are being made to my FOB Fleets, if requested. For now though, at the time I'm writing this, I'm too late into the night for such list.

Thanks to those who came to the fleet! Although we had a loss, I hope we learned and had fun.
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De W Javqe



Post 2020.01.12 19:01

Re: [AAR] HSC Impromto FOB Bashing Fleet & The Nightmare Escape

Just as a sidenote; re-reading has lead me to make it sound like manda was responsible for the death of the Domi.


Unfortunately, I cannot find a better way to word it. Thanks for reading to the end.

I also noticed that the Roam member list is not accurate. That will be fixed.
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