ISK Per Hour - blueprints available from assets

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Rythin Horsian



Post 2019.10.05 15:46

ISK Per Hour - blueprints available from assets

Is there a way to display a list of blueprints that are possible to manufacture from materials you own in your current assets?

Thanks in advance.




Post 2020.01.06 07:21

Re: ISK Per Hour - blueprints available from assets

Go to Industry Window,
Choose Drop down menu options for manufacturing,
Either Own or Corp,
Station Location: current or any location,
Then choose type of BPO,
List will show up from many to few based on drop down menu choices.

Based on which title you have, you have difference access to different containers in Corp BPO/BPC.
Based on how much skills invested in, you have different access by remotely starting a research or copy process as far as 25 jumps from a corp or personally owned BPO location to perform, maintain, monitor research from a far locations.

Also, for reference, check out eve uni forum: ... 7&t=112645

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