[AAR] Laethe Fooswa - Kelon's Solo Competition

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Laethe Fooswa



Post 2019.06.08 12:29

[AAR] Laethe Fooswa - Kelon's Solo Competition

This competition last year is the first time I ever tried to solo pvp, so I thought I would give it a go again this year.

ISK Destroyed: ‭65,963,154.22‬
ISK Lost: ‭138,049,468.54‬

This was a night of roaming with a group of friends, where we were all out sort-of-soloing. There were a few more kills, but these below were the solos, for better or worse.

Crow caught me before I could slide a gate to support Satoshi. So I turned on him. He was surprised, as was I when he died quickly.
Unfortunately a big nasty SFI showed up to ruin my goodtimes after a solid fight.

(06:04:54) Eha
Crow +57.66m
Imperial Navy Slicer -34.77m

I don't know Kestrals well at all, so I thought I would go ahead and try an FNC. Maybe I could web him down and hold him at scram kite range and apply better then his blasters. I'm not sure what he was doing, I guess he was sling-shotting? But he kept getting out of my over-heated webs and out of my range, then coming back in. I was able to hold him off his optimal but not able to break him. Was a long a weird fight that I lost. I still don't think I'm comfortable with Kestrals.

(06:52:01) Vlillirier
Kestrel -11.26m
Capsule -0.84m

Went to a novice to do a staged 1v1 with another firetail. Was a good fight, where when I heard the pop of the losing ship I wasn't sure if it was myself or him. We were both scram kite fit and took this hard into hull. Sadly... the pop was me.

(07:17:41) Vlillirier
Republic Fleet Firetail -28.35m

I put this on because it was actually a solo kill, despite some old fight data being on it. This was a fairly tough and exciting fight also, me in a brawly tristan and him in a brawly atron. In the end my nuets > his nuets. Or maybe my Cap booster greater then his shield buffer.

(07:54:48) Akidagi
Atron +7.15m

Another day another solo attempt. Both fails of me testing what I could do with/against different things.

(04:30) Kedama
Federation Navy Comet -38.7m

(10:46) Notoros
Breecher -13.6m
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Laethe Fooswa



Post 2019.06.18 05:40

Re: [AAR] Laethe Fooswa - Kelon's Solo Competition

(03:03:35) Eha
Tristan -10.46m

This was a fun little fight. Rifter v breacher. It went a while... i was capping out and had to cycle my reps when he was finally breaking. If he wouldnt have been sh*tfit he might have beat me.

(01:20:35) Eha
Rifter +1.16m

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