Post 2019.02.06 10:10

Akadeimia Keipouron: nullsec NRDS training corp

Contact: Elassus Herron
Ingame Public Channel: Gardeners' Embassy

About us: Akadeimia Keipouron ("Gardeners' Academy") is a training corp dedicated to helping new pilots train to live in sov-holding nullsec under NRDS rules of engagement. We want to help you in your journey in New Eden, and provide generous support to get you there.

"Not Red Don't Shoot" does not mean we don't do pvp. Quite the opposite! We have daily combat ops, our alliance and coalition are active in all time zones. What it means is that we maintain an intel network to check neutral pilots. If they are friendly, they're welcome to work and live in our space. If they're hostile, we shoot them. NRDS is sometimes called "EVE on hard mode" because you have to be vigilant. It's challenging, but it also means we're on a mission to do more than just capture space for ourselves. Unlike NBSI alliances, we build our space up not just for our own benefit, but for all. It's also part of the reason pvp groups come to us to fight: it's a target-rich environment, and if you're itching to shoot things you'll never be bored.

* Are a new(er) pilot and want to step out into nullsec (to make more ISK, to get more fights, to be part of something greater)
* Want to work with a team of pilots from all different backgrounds, have a positive attitude
* Want to learn
* Want to have an active role in your own EVE journey (not just cannon fodder, but actively doing small-gang roams, and leading them yourself)
* Have any skill level, from alpha to veteran
* Are from any timezone (though we're especially interested in Pacific timezones [US West Coast, AU, China/Japan])
* Can use voice comms (Mumble and Teamspeak). A working mic isn't required, but strongly encouraged.

We provide:
* Free delivery of up to 160k m³ of your stuff into our space from Amarr (delivery from Jita can be arranged, just ask)
* A solid, step-by-step skill-plan to get you into into ships from the first week, the first month, the first year.
* Hands-on training. Regular ops every week, guided lessons. We believe you learn best by doing, so you gain practical experience from the start.
* All the skillbooks you need, all the ships you need for early doctrines, on hand at reduced/no cost.
* Ship Replacement Program to reimburse losses (so you never can't participate because you lost your only ship).
* An extensive network of citadels, industry, mining.
* Lots of different ways to get spacerich.
* Lots of targets to shoot. #content

Akadeimia Keipouron, and our parent alliance, explicitly recruits pilots from all backgrounds and identities. We actively seek pilots from underrepresented groups, and promote an environment of mutual tolerance and support. We don't tolerate hate speech, discrimination, or bigotry. Pilots who promote a hostile or hateful environment are booted after two warnings.

How to Apply:
* Contact Elassus Herron in-game, either via mail or in our public channel (see above)
* You will need to grant full access to your ESI token for auditing.
* We'll contact you and set up an interview
* If you're accepted, we'll walk you through getting out to our space and set up.

If you have any questions, please feel free to get in touch. We're happy to help.