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So my idea was to lead a lazy fleet out in the area of Dital... Dital is cool because it has a nullsec gate to Provi, and then 2 jumps away it has one of the hottest lowsec spots in EvE, Kamela / Kourmonen.

The idea was to form up while camping the KBP gate, and hopefully catch something, then once Provi comes along to kick us out, we oblige them and go find someone to kick in Kamela. And that's basically what happened.

Roam members (31)
Ana'ander Lamora - Federation Navy Comet, Punisher
Archemide - Catalyst
Cahhri - Vengeance
Caladius - Coercer
Cha Wen - Wolf
Coaxster - Enyo
Devoros Vyndiver - Thrasher, Punisher
Farfalla Catmobile
Flack Keikira - Deacon
Glen Burney - Confessor, Punisher
Goddess Freyjia - Retribution
Hugh Squigglebutt - Confessor
Hydra Andedare - Enyo
Joseph Masleski - Wolf
KraK Oziane - Enyo
Neemo Beer - Hecate
Neleron Mandin - Wolf
Orin Oriki - Coercer
Rami Maroub - Enyo
Rougecaptain - Wolf
Sinderus - Enyo
Space Warfare Development - Malediction
Stellar Paradox - Deacon
Stonie Bandit - Hyena
Tarkin Karn
TheThufir - Svipul, Wolf
Vhyris - Vengeance
Z0X Ambrye - Enyo
bronze disease
jcjven car - Astero

Kills and Losses

We did start at about 0130, as advertised, with a gatecamp in KBP, and I oh so nearly got tackle on a Naga right away, but he scurried away, and then a bait Brutix they had turned into like a whole pile of battlecruisers, and we had not yet totally formed, so we went back to Dital and formed up on the Kamela gate.

I rallied up a vanguard of 4 pilots, and we all kind of scouted Kamela, but there wasn't much going on so we went into Kourmonen. And there we saw a task force, it was a group of clearly Calmil Ravens (6ish?) and a group of Caracals (8ish?) and assorted support. But no logi. And it wasn't clear if they were together, they didn't engage each other. So we hung out at a ping above the gate (I LOVE having pings everywhere and keeping my fleet at a ping). The Ravens went to a large and Solidus Obscura, asked us to go over there, but we were like 25 people, and I didn't really like it. Smelled funny. I wanted the Caracals. They went into Huola and we followed.

In Huola they were at a ping below the gate, and a Gnosis derped into us.

(02:16:07) Huola
Gnosis +81.04m

Even though we started taking gate guns and got flashy, the Caracals did not warp into us. Not sure why, that would have been a good chance for them to force it.

So then there was a group of Vexors, and a VNI, and about 5 Auguorors. It was a bit thick for us, that Vexor group, but they didn't appear to be with the Caracals, and it was looking pretty dicey all around. The VNI was away from the main group, but by the time I probed and warped the fleet to him, he was burning away, quickly. So we bailed on that. The caracals went back into Kourmonen and we followed.

In Kourmonen, a lone vexor was off the gate a bit, and I probed him down and fleet warped us to him, and we took him down. Then the Ravens tried to warp on top of us, just as a really nasty Sacrilege gang with T2 cruiser logi showed up. That started the hunt, with the Ravens warping and jumping to Kamela, the Caracals, who were now know to be with the Ravens with them, and the Sacrileges following. We followed shortly thereafter, and jumped into the fight going on the gate.

I make a very quick decision to primary ravens and we started working on them. I think even if the Ravens, us, and the caracals, had fought this sacrilege gang, we all woulda lost. Maybe not. But there was no communication or deal between all of us, so I call what I thought we could kill. The Ravens were wiped out, and the Sacs started calling our gang primary, and I went down like 3s before I was about to warp out, and it was over:

(02:28:56) Kourmonen, Kamela, O-VWPB
Vexor +28.08m
Raven +184.1m
Raven +187.72m
Raven +185.4m
Thrasher -9.4m
Raven +192.38m
Raven +187.86m
Federation Navy Comet -27.4m
Raven +151.49m
Coercer -13.21m
Catalyst -10.25m
Confessor -52.74m
Capsule +0.01m
Capsule +0.01m
Confessor -73.89m
Capsule +0.01m
Caracal +14.86m

We took a break and came back as intel / scouts told us of a big goon gang with T2 frigate logi. Eww. We sidestepped them and derped into some punishers trying to kill a Loki... They would have done it alone too, I BARELY got on it as our vanguard notified me that maybe, just maybe, we should primary the Loki and NOT the inquisitor ROFL.

(03:09:57) Sifilar
Loki +642.89m
Punisher +1.74m
Punisher +8.46m
Punisher +5.97m
Rifter +0.29m
Inquisitor +3.95m

During this part of the roam it was more of the standard Uni practice of scouting a system and blobbing the target. For example, this Hurricane.

(03:21:16) Kurniainen

Coercer -12.68m
Hurricane +63.08m

And then I learned that, of course, our T2 Logi cannot get into a Novice. It was uncomfortable right after this because that Worm gang was trying to chase us down, but we went to Bobsberger, I reshipping and purchased like 300M in firetails and a stabber fleet fully fit, and then proceeded to take Neemo's Hecate (thanks Neemo!)

(03:33:25) Eszur
Punisher -12.66m

Anyway, nothing much happened after that, we went back to Dital.

ISK Destroyed: 2,052,697,463.03
ISK Lost: 212,243,202.59
ISK Delta: 1,840,454,260.44
Efficiency: 90.629%




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First just want to say that I always have a lot of fun on your fleets and learn a lot.

The biggest strength is you really know when to engage in and when to run, and have a great idea of how both the fleet comp and the dps will stack up in an engagement.

Thanks for writing the AAR, I spend a decent part of your fleets trying to figure out why you are doing what you are doing. Just having you tell me is much easier :)




Post 2019.01.12 18:46


I'd add that those perches were KEY in that whole mess with the ravens. Lots of perches in lots of systems. So is someone going to ever give me that loverly LSC BM package? :) (part of the reason I don't lead more fleets in null is that I don't have huge numbers of good perches...just 1000s not 10,000s...). The perches give the FC time to watch developments as well as to make a decision and get more intel. A lot easier than relying on gate cloaks for example.

Also, better than a gatecamp, Glen!
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