[HSC] The Night of the Caracals


Ersin Oghuz



Post 2018.11.24 00:49

[HSC] The Night of the Caracals

12 WTs were in Jufvitte and asked for a fleet fight. We responded.

Roam members (25)
47 Armer - Blackbird, Caracal, Griffin, Osprey
Alf Saissore - Caracal
Ana'ander Lamora - Caracal, Bellicose, Stiletto, Vexor
Ares Dodekatheon - Caracal
Christoph Patrouette - Crucifier, Drake
Devola Gestalt - Osprey
Edwin Clough - Griffin, Maulus, Caracal
Ersin Oghuz - Caracal
Fmore Ek
Guiliano Thellere - Caracal, Ferox
Jacob Velora - Osprey
Juran Otsolen - Caracal
Kiuna McGullygosh - Caracal, Griffin
Manolius Theodorous - Atron
Max Tsero - Caracal
Minee Ze - Osprey, Caracal
Nelliver Cadigal - Griffin, Caracal
Reed Gryphon - Osprey
Shauny Tsero - Caracal
Shrek - Caracal
Tax Msero
Turlough Dominian - Raven
Vulcann Rin - Ferox
Weadj - Griffin
lobevaser - Caracal

Kills and Losses

They gave us their composition and numbers so we counter it with fair numbers and proper ships. Since they did not have anything T2, we strictly kept our ships T1. We were a bit more then their numbers since they have a Gila and Tornado. We kept our composition with 3 Ospreys, 1 Blackbird and rest Caracals.

They greeted us at Amygnon gate in Jufvitte , 300km off gate. We warped close by to them thanks to a wreck nearby. We took the fight and it was close until they brought Golem which shifted the battlefield. We killed what we could and warped to tactical since Golem was overkill.

(22:43:12) Jufvitte
Atron -5.76m
Griffin -0.72m
Osprey +24.03m
Caracal +38.35m
Blackbird -12.51m
Moa +32.09m
Vengeance +42.91m
Caracal -13.66m
Caracal -27.45m

We took the second fight after they told us they won't bring Golem this time. We grouped and then engaged in Jufvitte again at Amygnon gate but this time blingy Tengu was brought and we lost our Ospreys and some Caracals without any considerable damage. Second time we screwed over composition but we still managed to give a good fight. But at this point we were already discussing to drop fair fight and dock up.

(23:01:29) Jufvitte
Maller +30.33m
Caracal -27.46m
Incursus +6.05m
Caracal -11.4m
Caracal -12.39m
Maulus -1.04m
Caracal -11.93m
Osprey -7.98m

Third time, we warped to Jufvitte gate in Amygnon after regrouping. But before we group and anchor up we got engaged fast by wartargets which already at the gate perimeter. We retreated after losing our logistics since they broke pretty fast. I think they forget to activate shields.

(23:31:53) Amygnon
Griffin -0.72m
Griffin -0.67m
Osprey -8.08m
Osprey -17.43m
Griffin -0.59m
Atron -4.58m
Capsule -0.01m

Fourth engagement. I gave up having a fair fight with them and left convo. We prepared bigger ships and better composition to outpower them without rejecting members this time. We did what we could and wiped out their logistics with dps on one and ecm on rest. After they lost logistics they all began to scatter. We grab what we could and killed them. In the meantime they came back to assist their remaining members and they brought the golem again... We brought battleship this time and killing competetion began. After all, we managed to outpower most of their ships but could not break golem so we killed the rest. They retreated and we looted the field. They tried to come and intercept looting time to time but we did not loose anything major in that period.

(23:43:52) Amygnon
Griffin -0.77m
Osprey -8.56m
Scythe +14.19m
Griffin -0.72m
Osprey -8.09m
Caracal +38.12m
Scythe +14.19m
Griffin -0.72m
Caracal -11.82m
Caracal +39.36m
Caracal +36.83m
Caracal +29.16m
Griffin -0.72m
Maller +43.62m
Caracal -10.18m
Scythe +14.61m
Ferox -41.86m
Caracal +26.77m
Ferox -59.8m
Bellicose -19.21m
Caracal -17.62m
Caracal -37.61m
Maller +30.33m
Caracal +37.89m
Griffin -0.72m
Griffin -0.72m
Celestis +20.57m
Capsule +0.01m

(00:23:01) Amygnon
Griffin -0.72m

ISK Destroyed: 519,382,787.42
ISK Lost: 384,236,866.72
ISK Delta: 135,145,920.7
Efficiency: 57.478%

Overall evaluation
    (Positive stuff)
    + Very good turn out by pilots! Really impressive.
    + When people lose ships, they reship and come back for another go! It was really good.
    + Even though we had some problems on keeping full dps on primary at first, at later stages people get used to and did not split dps and gave their full attention to primary.
    + Good content with arranged fleet fights.
    (Negative stuff)
    - Getting dropped by blingy ships in an arranged fight.
    - We lack tackle. We could not hold ships to destroy them and they were free to warp away and warp back most of the time.
    - There was couple of times, fleet members were split on grid.
    - Logistics often forget switching on their shields I believe.

PS : We depleted Caracal/Osprey/Griffin contracts I think :)

"In Blasters I Trust"



Turlough Dominian


Retired Director
Retired Director

Post 2018.11.24 02:07

Re: [HSC] The Night of the Caracals

thank you for the fleet and thanks to everyone who showed up.

I was not there for first / second / third part

but i got to take part in the 4th battle, and I enjoyed myself stuff died both sides \o/
so yar I actually had some time to undock at a convenient time and fc let me take my toy raven <3 , people did very well on the 4th engagement which is awesome since u guys where fighting so long people must be tired.

If i was to give a suggestion for people to consider would be if you manage to warp disrupt/scram someone call it out on comms this will help the fc to know who is not going to escape but also the other members will be like ah ok that guy cant escape ill point this fella over here .

At one stage someone on comms clearly called out raven on grid , as i did not see the enemy field one i guess the rvb called it out on the wrong comms ;)

My summery for the part i was there for: good fight ty fc and ty rvb <3

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Post 2018.11.24 05:08

Re: [HSC] The Night of the Caracals

Thanks for the writeup. I was in the first engagement as well.


My missile range isn't great so I was out of range of the primary half of the fight. Not wanting to lose more ships I sat out for the subsequent engagements. I have range upgrades in my queue now.

Juran Otsolen



Post 2018.11.24 07:09

Re: [HSC] The Night of the Caracals

This was a lot of fun in HSC. Hopefully they come back for another go. Ersin great job FCing

47 Armer



Post 2018.11.24 12:11

Re: [HSC] The Night of the Caracals

Lot of fun. Thank you everybody and especialy Ersin.

Falling Snow KumaMoto



Post 2018.11.24 14:51

Re: [HSC] The Night of the Caracals

Signed on this morning and saw SO MANY contracts accepted. Yikes! I put a bunch of stuff to cook up while I'm traveling back home from family visits today. I'm sad that I missed the shooting, would have liked to have blown up on fire with y'all.
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Zoltan Irvam



Post 2018.11.26 07:53

Re: [HSC] The Night of the Caracals


so as for SRP requests - was this an official CDI Fleet which allows for more SRP as per HSC Special Ops in https://wiki.eveuniversity.org/Ship_Replacement_Program?

And if yes, where can the fits be found - all the links given are broken and my search in the wiki for these fits was in vain?

EDIT found the fits in fleet-up - should we link to fleet up in the wiki even if not everybody can read it?


Christoph Patrouette



Post 2018.11.26 09:02

Re: [HSC] The Night of the Caracals


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