Post 2018.07.24 21:29

Pirate Epic Arcs


since I did the Gurista Epic Arc lately with an RL friend who has started with Eve and we're planning to do the Blood Angel one in August, I am asking myself if some uni newbros want to come along.

We're going to fly T1 frigs (probably Tristans) and clean clones for the missions but I will +1 in a travelceptor for the journey (I have a Tristan in the area from a former run).

For obvious reasons I would rather not post a formal event announcement, so please shoot me an ingame mail if interested.

My friend and me are probably going to fly from 1800 eve time on, but if you're interested and cannot make Euro TZ, I can probably scout you in sometimes during the weekend and give some tips on how to finish the missions without being shot...

Also since the valuable loot and mission reward items for these arcs tend to be small, I could also offer to haul it out via courier contract in the travelceptor safely so you can clonejump back to highsec and leave the tristan there for another run in three months...