[FLEET] Frigate kitchen sink 2018-06-25


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Post 2018.06.26 14:11

[FLEET] Frigate kitchen sink 2018-06-25

Kalm Killing with Hideo

Roam members (23)
Alexander Oromov - Malediction (Scout)
Buzz Uisen - Merlin (Vanguard)
Christoph Patrouette - Vigil
Christy Tigerfairy - Condor (3IC)
Cizer Austrene - Atron
Durnik Risalo - Maulus
Gemma Solett - Daredevil
Hideo Date - Rifter (FC)
Imad Gratia - Incursus (Vanguard)
Jun Mikoto - Kestrel
Loseyh Antilles - Tristan
Memery Rowkay - Tristan
Pink Kondur - Tristan
Puzzled Monkey - Atron (Scout)
Ray Ronson - Tristan
Thibauld Solette - Federation Navy Comet
Trillian Ituin - Federation Navy Comet
Truditu - Merlin (Vanguard)
Zarquu Fussuhfusus - Merlin (2IC)
armenthus brown - Incursus
ashahara - Merlin (Scout)
averoth trojan - Tristan
lokmane kechacha

Second fleet, already lost the shakes...this time I was actually kind of calm and not just sounded that way^^

Thanks in particular to my second and third in command and as always the wonderful scouts.

Still felt too indecisive sometimes, but the general flow went a lot better this time, I think.

Very different killboard compared to my first fleet: only a few kills, but more interesting (for me too complex at this point) engagements and bigger and shinier targets.

Speed difference was certainly a problem when we where giving chase multiple times, fleet was very spread out. Next fleet will probably be pure MWD from me.

At the end the chat system collapsed which was fine as I needed to head home anyway^^

Kills and Losses

(18:31:19) Moclinamaud
Vexor Navy Issue +202.69m

(18:37:52) Moclinamaud
Algos +14.24m

Thanks to Gemma for being a great sport and joining up with the fleet after getting blobbed (I don't know if it was a case of "if you can't beat em join em :D)

(18:44:15) Renarelle
Brutix -118.73m <- this is actually positive ISK for us, because Gemma was our target at that point and not yet in fleet

Decklin and Kora where poking around as well and we tried engaging Koras Gnosis. This was the fight where I was pretty lost, as there also was a Slicer on grid and I was very indecisive if we should go for it or not as I wasn't sure if anybody would be able to catch it.
My lovely third in command and eager beaver Christy was wanting to scram sooo badly and went for the Gnosis, sorry we didn't play ball, it was all down to my indecisiveness.

(19:00:09) Vlillirier
Condor -1.11m
Incursus -3.73m
Capsule -38.68m

Engaged them again, after a bit of back and forth I ignored the Slicer and we all went for the Gnosis, Decklin was on grid in a Scythe as well, but the Gnosis went down smoothly anyway. But eeeevil Kora headshotted me :(((( :D

(19:12:23) Aldranette
Atron -5.23m
Rifter -6.15m
Gnosis +78.96m

After this I went for reshipping (lovely break for me^^) and Zarquu took over seamlessly, got the Gnosis down and went on to move the fleet some more:

(19:23:12) Akidagi
Imperial Navy Slicer +25.62m
Rifter +13.79m

Just after I came back to the fleet the chat went overboard and after one last attempted poke in the direction of Kedama I decided to call the fleet.

(19:38:43) Hirri
Merlin -13.03m
Atron -5.48m
Vigil -0.93m
Merlin -2.06m
Tristan +11.9m
Capsule -0.01m
Capsule -0.01m

(19:49:51) Hirri
Malediction -52.56m
Capsule - Genolution 'Auroral' 197-variant -0.01m

ISK Destroyed: 347,210,531.44
ISK Lost: 247,708,247.07
ISK Delta: 99,502,284.37
Efficiency: 58.363%


- newbie speech
- flow of the fleet

Still bad:

- indicisvennessens
- ooooouch that speed difference....never again going for pure kitchen sink, AB and MWD really doesn't mix well :D
- gotta set up stashes of ships in lowsec to reship quick
- didn't wrap the fleet up well, didn't post FCC feedback form, doing that now: Feedback form
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Post 2018.06.26 14:48

Re: [FLEET] Frigate kitchen sink 2018-06-25

Nice to see you FC'ing again, Hideo.

About the indecisiveness: you get more decisive once you get to know most of the ships, their meta (what are the tactics they use, what are the strengths, why are they engaging) so you can do a quick mental calculation if it's worth to tango. This comes with experience.
Again, other way is as I've told ad nauseam is to think out loud. If you're making a wrong call, someone might step comment (this can invite some backseat FC'ing though). If no one does, this will become another experience to help with the above :P.

Anyways, that's my 0.02 ISK

Alexander Oromov



Post 2018.06.26 17:20

Re: [FLEET] Frigate kitchen sink 2018-06-25

Hideo, you can make the Brutix loss positive by removing Gemma's chat lines from the fleet chat log or change it yourself.

You can also remove my interceptor loss, I was sitting at a 100 from those Retributions when local chat and pretty much everything froze. After a while I got a black screen and just woke up in my capsule in Stacmon. Wonder if I can petition the loss, especially since they actually announced the issues on Twitter.

And last but not least good fleet. The only thing I was completely perplexed about was the massive split of fleet. I was not aware we had AB people in fleet, but to fix this, just announce "Kitchen Sink - MWD Fits".

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