[HSC] Quick Response against Suspect


Ersin Oghuz



Post 2018.03.03 14:10

[HSC] Quick Response against Suspect

We have a new local in Amygnon, Aeon Noblemagus who has been shooting down Mobile Tractor Units and baiting capsuleers to engage them for some time. He has been engaging EVE University members as well so we are engaging him whenever possible to shoot down his ship.

While I was chilling in Citadel 101 and sorting containers I heard "Suspect on grid with me" on comms and I was not suprised since Aeon was in Amygnon and I warned HSC about his combat probing beforehand. It was Kris who was asking assistance and I said I am coming. He reported that he was in full PvE Raven so he had no tackle on him so it would be tricky to hold him until I went there. I told him not to engage until I say so. I began warping to Kris and then asked Kris to engage Aeon when I am very closeby.

Kris engaged Aeon's stabber and that created a Limited Engagement Timer between him and Aeon. When I landed on grid I saw Stabber was already too far from our engagement range and he was burning off. We could not engage him due to range and he had no point on Kris as well. I told Kris to procced his mission pocket through acceleration gate and I would guard the gate in case he comes close to warp in.

Aeon left grid but I was not convinced he left for good and kept my position. Later, I saw Bhaalgorn on d-scan and warned Kris about it and prepare to warp off if that Bhaalgorn belongs to Aeon. Moments later Aoen landed on grid with his Bhaalgorn. I said Kris to warp off but he responded that he could not due to NPC tackle on him. Bhaalgorn was trying to bait me by yellow boxing me and here I did a mistake not to engage him and giving him enough time to use the acceleration gate. I thought he could engage Raven and then I can get in and engage him as well and our combined firepower could kill him easier then I solo him. But it was a huge mistake since Raven was a PvE fit and fully active instead of buffer tank. So Bhaalgorn neuts can cripple it very easily.

Image VS Image

Well I made the mistake and Bhaalgorn used the gate and warped in to tackle Raven furthermore and engaged him. I warped in to mission pocket as well and engaged the Bhaalgorn as well and called for reinforcements from HSC again. Under Bhaalgorn neuts and fire Raven was destroyed quickly and fight continued between me and Aeon. Hyperion vs Bhaalgorn.

HSC was responding but there was a long period of 1vs1 between me and Aeon and we were trying hard to overpower each other. I was repairing the damage inflicted by Bhaalgorn and Bhaalgorn doing the same, I had neuts on me as well. At some point I hit reload on my Ancillary Repairer instead of reloading the Cap Booster. That was a huge mistake and now I had to wait 1 full minute until I can cycle my repairs again. My armor buffer hold 1 minute and my capacitor was still holding under neuts so now I can repair myself again. Bhaalgorn was also repairing very nicely although it began to fail slowly.

Image Hey there, we are here (finally) !

At this point Kris and Merchaan joined the battle with Vexors. At this stage Bhaalgorn was bleeding its armor slowly, I was repairing the armor damage I am taking and 2 vexors began inflicting damage to Bhaalgorn. I think Bhaalgorn was also having issue on maintaining its capacitor as well while keeping his firepower on me and finally it crippled under fire.

We looted the field and then retreated to the Citadel 101, exchanged "Good Fights" in local and some after combat remarks.

Battle Report : 230 million ISK lost, 385 million ISK destroyed.

+ Response from HSC
+ Our composition against Bhaalgorn was sustainable
+ We got the kill

- My mistake on letting Bhaalgorn proceed to the next pocket
- Slow response time
- Having no logistics to rescue Raven
- We lost Raven due to my mistake
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Rose Alice



Post 2018.03.03 16:23

Re: [HSC] Quick Response against Suspect

Hello all,

I was wondering when/if this was going to get posted, now you going to hear what was going through my head.

There i was about to go to bed after did some DED sites around Amygon i decided what kind of trouble i could get myself into bu shooting MTU and such.
im sure most people who have lived in HSC know about me and my shenanigans.

I saw local was small numbers of Unista and saw the mtu/raven belong to a uni member.
So i shot the mtu to see what was going to happen and warped an alt to the citadel to see what response if anything was going to.
I saw the hyper undock and warp to engage my stabber.
So i burnt some distance since this is an AB fitted stabber with an XL asb

I saw Ersin drop drones and try try to engage me so i turned around and burnt straight towards him to try and get an aggression time but as i started to burn to his drones he pulled them in.
sop i warped out swapped to by Bhaal and took the gate ASAP since i was hoping the raven had a bit of bling on it, burn it down then warp out before anyone had a time to react,
Ersin took the gate and pointed me as i was finishing off the raven, Then it game on.

As this was my first solo BS pvp fiight in a while i made a few mistakes
When i started my rep i accidentally burnt my first rep out without realizing, forgot to take my drugs
I stopped my AAR and let it reload when i should of just let it keep running since i has having no issues with cap thanks to the bhaals energy nos bonus i can take cap even if my opponent is capped out.
Bhaals are cheap for what they do

And as my promise my POV
Raw comms and everything.

GF All around, would go again

I'm surprised the hype was able to keep point even with double cap boosted fit. with my damage and heavy neut power.


Rikali Laru



Post 2018.03.04 09:48

Re: [HSC] Quick Response against Suspect

The hyperion that wouldn't break :) How many cap booster charges did you have left Ersin?

B'aldrick Aivoras



Post 2018.03.04 11:06

Re: [HSC] Quick Response against Suspect

Looks like a nice little skirmish and thanks for the video.

It looked to me that one of your reppers burnt out due to overheating the other one. Looking at the slot lay out separating them may have helped do you think?

The danger in doing that is that you may burn out passive modules isn't? I guess that's why I see many videos with passive modules in view.


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Kris Hawk



Post 2018.06.18 17:13

Re: [HSC] Quick Response against Suspect

I was doing a mission in amy when i was so rudely interrupted.

I engaged on Ersins urging and when he arrived at the gate i jumped again on Ersins urging.

When i arrived in the mission pocket i was webbed and scrammed by NPCs so when the Balgorn arrived i could not jump out even to i was forewarned by Ersin. I lost my Raven and jumped back to 101 and got a BLAP Vexor went back and helped finish the Balgorn off.

- I should not have jumped the gate, and having and active shield tank while being nuted by the balgorn did not help.

+ I recovered quickly and could go back and help out.


PS: One of my first PvP fights :-)

PPS: I'm slightly miffed about Ersin posting the video of my ignominious defeat. :-) :-)

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