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Submit Recordings for the Class Library

PostPosted: 2016.07.19 16:57
by Turhan Bey
To submit a class recording for the EVE University Class Library channel on YouTube, post a reply to this thread with:

  • A link to the audio recording file. It is recommended that the recording be an .MP3 file encoded at 32 Kbps or up to 128 Kbps, but any reasonably small, standard audio file format will do. Please do not submit an uncompressed .WAV or something similarly large.
  • Alternately, a link to the video recording file. A balance between file size and the video quality needed to properly view the class will be left to the submitter's discretion.
  • The title of the class, name of the instructor (in-game name), and date the class was held.
  • Links to any supplemental materials, e.g. slideshows, that should be included in the video description.
  • If the recording is an update/replacement to an existing entry in the UniWiki Class Library, then state that it is a replacement and the title of the class it is to replace (even if it's exactly the same title as the new video).
  • After the final video is published, you will receive a forum PM. You should then make the proper edit to the entry in the UniWiki Class Library, if applicable. You may also delete the audio file from storage, if you wish to free up the space.

Submissions will be processed into a standard video/slide format and uploaded to the channel by the curator.

Please do not attach the audio recording to the forum post itself, if you have permissions to do so. It should be placed onto a publicly-accessible file sharing system, and may be removed to free up space after it is published. If you would like a free Dropbox space, then feel free to use this referral link (from Turhan Bey; this gives us both an extra +500MB of space when used), but any publicly accessible storage will do:

Note that this submission process is for audio recordings only. We may accept video recordings at a later date. (See FAQ.)

Re: Submit Recordings for the Class Library

PostPosted: 2016.07.19 16:57
by Turhan Bey
    Frequently Asked Questions

Q: Should we just submit every new class recording?
A: Definitely no. Class Library videos should be replaced only after an amount of time has passed since the last recording that it may be outdated, or the previous recording is missing some information that the new recording provides, or the old recording has inaccuracies that the new recording fixes, or the last recording is of noticeably inferior quality, or any other good reason. It's left to the discretion of the submitter or instructor whether a class warrants a new video or not.

There is a separate thread to post recorded classes that are not specifically meant to replace existing videos in the Class Library channel. These are for those instructors who wouldn't mind having the latest-and-greatest version of their class made available, but don't need to have it fully replace the video just yet.

Q: How long should we wait before replacing a class recording to consider the old one outdated?
A: That is left to your discretion. Some classes can probably last for a year or two and still be quite relevant, but some should probably be replaced every 6 months (or fewer!) just to keep them fresh and meaningful. A good example of the latter would be the "Introduction to EVE University" class, especially when E-UNI has a major new project, service, or policy change.

Q: Why not just replace all classes as they are recorded, to keep it simple?
A: The final videos are not just a static image/slide with audio attached. Because of this, it takes some time and effort to process each recording.

Q: Then why not just make them quick and easy static images, and save some time and work?
A: Feedback from students has shown a strong appreciation for the visual enhancement and it looks a bit more professional in quality. Besides, we really shouldn't need to replace class recordings so often that it overworks the curator(s).

Q: Do we need to process the audio, e.g. remove any long silences and such?
A: No, but it is recommended. The curator will not be doing this and the final video may be noticeably better if this is done, depending upon if there were a lot of long silences or other extraneous items. But it is not required. We would rather have a good, unedited class available than no class at all because the submitter was unable or unwilling to process it.

Q: Why do we need to update the wiki ourselves after the class is published?
A: Because the submitter will know much more about the class than the curator. Thus, the submitter will know how to properly describe the class in the wiki, and what additional information should be posted with it, e.g. links to a slideshow or other supplemental material. (We can't expect our curators to listen to every single submitted class in full.)

Q: How do you record a class?
Q: How do you process an audio recording?
A: See the UniWiki article on Class Recordings. More detailed instructions that include Class Library specific information will be posted at a later date. We may even make a class out of it.

Q: Can we submit recorded video?
A: Yep, you certainly may do so now. Balancing the submitting file size with a decent video quality will be left up to you. It is also usually possible for me to rip the video off YouTube, if you've already published it there. Hoewver, Google has been more diligent lately about shutting down publishers of ripping sites and software, so making an original file available for me to download is preferable.

The video quality should be reasonably good, but there's no strict definition and it doesn't have to look like a professional production. So as long as you can work within these requirements, then we are certainly happy to publish full videos as well.

Q: Can we still get downloadable audio/MP3 files?
A: Many students like to download the audio from recorded classes for offline listening on audio devices. To do this, services such as ListenToYouTube may be used to extract and download the audio with standard MP3 encoding.

Re: Submit Recordings for the Class Library

PostPosted: 2016.08.03 01:49
by Turhan Bey
Just to clarify:

Please do not remove your post to this thread, even after your class recording is processed and published to the YouTube channel. It lets people know that the class was in fact published, what new classes have been published, and when. After I send the PM saying that you may delete the recording, that just means you may delete it from whatever file server you used, to free up the space. (If you wish. Or you can just keep it there to archive it or something.)

If for any reason the recording could not be processed or published, then I will state that here so others will know that a recording for that particular class has not yet been posted/updated and that another may be needed.

EDIT: You of course may also edit your original post here, perhaps to add a link to the video itself and/or the Class Library entry in the UniWiki for it. But it's not important; people will likely use the UniWiki and not this thread as a reference.

Re: Submit Recordings for the Class Library

PostPosted: 2016.08.08 14:50
by JohnPlayerNotSpecial

Re: Submit Recordings for the Class Library

PostPosted: 2016.08.22 10:33
by JohnPlayerNotSpecial

Re: Submit Recordings for the Class Library

PostPosted: 2016.11.28 17:35
by Turhan Bey
Just a bump and a reminder that we are always looking for new and updated recordings of every one of our classes. Those classes that are outdated, or have missing or incomplete information or links, always have priority. But even perfectly good classes can use a refresher every so often. This is likely to become especially significant now that Alpha Clones are a thing, as the Class Library Channel has seen an increasing number of viewers.

Re: Submit Recordings for the Class Library

PostPosted: 2017.02.14 10:36
by Teshub Nandos
Class Name: Introduction to Exploration
Instructor: Teshub Nandos
Record Date: 14/02/2017
File URL: ... sp=sharing

Re: Submit Recordings for the Class Library

PostPosted: 2017.03.02 15:14
by JohnPlayerNotSpecial

Re: Submit Recordings for the Class Library

PostPosted: 2017.04.11 10:42
by JohnPlayerNotSpecial

Re: Submit Recordings for the Class Library

PostPosted: 2017.06.01 22:59
by Adree Jericho
Class: Introduction to Ship Fitting
A high-level, piece by piece overview of what goes into assembling a ship fitting.
Instructor: Adree Jericho
Taught May 23rd, 2017

Recording Link: Previously submitted

Supplemental Materials:
Slide Deck
Complete List of High Slot Modules
Complete List of Mid Slot Modules
Complete List of Low Slot Modules
Complete List of Rigs
Complete List of Stacking Penalties

Replaces: Fitting 101

Re: Submit Recordings for the Class Library

PostPosted: 2017.07.21 12:08
by Kurt Laszlo
Class Name: Garr Anders Factional Warfare classes 101 + 102
Instructor: Garr Anders
Record Date: unknown (download date Oct 1 2009)
File URL: ... YNOla?dl=0

In this post, Turhan Bey alludes to the loss of the original audio recordings of these classes. I found them in a friend's library. Obviously, these recordings are of a very old class.

Re: Submit Recordings for the Class Library

PostPosted: 2017.09.19 08:02
by Glasi Vookto
Let's try this again:

Class Name: How not to die in an Interceptor
Instructor: Glasi Vookto
Record Date: 2016.04.20
File URL:

Re: Submit Recordings for the Class Library

PostPosted: 2017.12.13 16:17
by JohnPlayerNotSpecial
Suicide Ganking <=> Clean Audio (51min) with link to slides.

Re: Submit Recordings for the Class Library

PostPosted: 2018.02.14 01:47
by Professor Academiac
Class: Introduction to Bookmarks
Teacher: Professor Academiac
Date: 2018.02.13
Recording (includes slides):

Re: Submit Recordings for the Class Library

PostPosted: 2018.02.18 22:23
by JohnPlayerNotSpecial
Doubt Turhan is still checking this thread, but just in case:
Introduction to Incursions <=> Audio + Slidelink