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[Q&A] 2019-09-05 23:30 Lowsec PvP / Mechanics

Lecturer: Seamus Donohue, E-Uni Professor and Merc452, FC for Spectre Fleet
Date: Thursday, September 5th 23:30
Where: E-uni Public Mumble, Class (EVE Uni)

Lecture Topics
Lowsec PvP is a complicated and nuanced affair, and it can be downright confusing to most. So come ask the experts! Seamus Donohue and Merc452 will be on hand to answer anything you could possibly want to know, from the rules of the game to the emergent strategy. Don't miss it!

About the lecturers:
Seamus Donohue has been involved with EVE University for ten years and is is one of the few to carry our distinguished 'Professor' title. He runs a thrice weekly Q&A session about anything and everything about the game and is about the most knowledgeable guy you could ask for!

Merc452 is an FC for Spectre Fleet. A player since 2008, he's been in everything from 5000-man fleets to 5-man micro gangs. As a regular FC, expect to see his fleets going forward!