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[COMPLETED][CLASS] 2023-12-15 Intro to Gas Mining/Huffing (17:00)

Posted: 2023.11.27 18:07
by Guarzo Opper

This class aims to introduce players to Gas Huffing

Huffing gas can be a way for new players to make ISK with a low SP barrier to entry. This class describes how to get started in all areas of space.

Scheduled Classes: 15 Dec, 17:00 EVE Time
Where: Discord/Mumble
Instructor:Guarzo Opper
Duration: 1 hour lecture + Q&A
This class covers the following topics:
  • Why mine gas?
  • Required Skills
  • Fittings
  • How to find gas
  • Gas in HS/LS/NS/WH
  • Q&A
Additional information: This class is primarily a lecture and discussion. There is no practical component or need to undock. We recommend not doing anything risky or attention-intensive in-game while listening!

Followed by a Q&A

Re: [CLASS] 2023-12-15 Intro to Gas Mining/Huffing (17:00)

Posted: 2023.12.12 08:46
by Randal Sinclair
Man. Every time I see this class come around I am stuck doing something and not able to be online to learn... maybe next time...