[Class] Intro to Bookmarks (2021-04-14, 19h)

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[Class] Intro to Bookmarks (2021-04-14, 19h)

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Bookmarks are an essential eve tool for the vast majority of players. Usage and understanding varies greatly but even the most novice player can benefit from knowing about and using bookmarks.

Bookmarks help to:
  • Save you time;
  • Preserve and protect your assets, dignity; and tactical advantage;
  • Damage and destroy your enemies’ assets, your enemies’ dignity; and any tactical advantages your enemies may acquire.
So what's not to like about them?

This lecture is the first in a two-part series, and will be followed-up with an advanced bookmarking lecture in a week or two (hopefully). Class will be held at 19h In an effort to accommodate our TZ diversity, this lecture can be duplicated if requested (day and tome to agreed).

When: Wednesday 14 April 2021, 19:00 EVE Time
Where: Mumble, Discord and Ingame Class Channel
Duration: 1 - 1.5 hours (will aim for the 1h xD)

Topics Covered:
  • Introduction
  • Terminology & Definitions
  • Bookmark basics - What, Where, How, Limitations
  • Making & using bookmarks
  • Naming bookmarks
  • Shared & commercial bookmarks
  • Q&A
Student requirements:
  • Public Mumble registration and access - make sure you have Mumble sorted out and operational well before the class begins. Use this guide for Mumble set-up: http://eveuni.org/publicmumble
  • Access to the Class (EVE Uni) in-game chat channel
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