[COMPLETED] 21-03-21 @1600 How not to die in a JF

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[COMPLETED] 21-03-21 @1600 How not to die in a JF

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Are you new to jump freighters and wanting to practise a bit before using it for real? Or maybe you are considering getting one. Then this is the class for you!

When: Sunday 21st March 16:00 EVE Time
Where: E-Uni Public Mumble and on Sisi
Duration: 1.5 to 2 hours, including Q&A

Topics Covered:
  • Differences between racial JFs?
  • What fits do I need for a JF?
  • How do I place and light a cyno?
  • How do I jump safely?
  • How do I travel safely in high sec?
  • Q&A
Student requirements:
  • Access to Eve Uni Private Mumble
  • Access to Sisi
  • A character capable of using any JF, a separate one to light a cyno and a toon that can use webs (can be same toon as cyno)
Additional information: This class is highly dependant on the practical element and sisi access is required, please make sure ahead of time you are able to login to sisi. Any questions ahead of time feel free to ask :)
@James Finnan
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