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[CORE] Intro to Weapon Systems Feb19 - 2330

Posted: 2021.02.16 18:34
by Diathen Eridani
Intro: The game is split between factions and each has their own type of weapon systems. These systems all work a little differently. This class goes over the four empire faction weapon systems, their roles, and damage types. If you're still trying to figure out the difference between hybrid and projectile turrets, stop by and I'll share it.

Details: Making sure Unistas have the right weapons for the job!
Instructor: Diathen Eridani
When: Friday, Feb 19 - 2330
Location: Docked up in any Station.
Duration: ~1 hour + Q&A

Class Overview:
Turret Mechanics
Turret Types
Missile Mechanics
Specialist Weapon Systems

Student Requirements:
Mumble registration and access - make sure you have Mumble operational well before the class begins. Use this guide for set-up: Mumble Access to the Eve Uni Discord (public access is enough)