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[CLASS] PvP 101 - Intro & Theory 8-14-2020 0100

Posted: 2020.08.10 02:12
by Professor Argus Sorn
PvP 101 - or "Intro to PvP"

If you are completely new to EVE PvP, or new and want a taste of PvP theory from a broad perspective, this is the class for you.

In this class we will focus on:

- How PvP Develops In Eve
- Types of PvP
- Types of Space (null, low, wormhole)
- Fleet Roles in PvP
- General Theory on How & Why People Win or Lose

If this is something that interests you, then join us on public mumble (preferred) at 0100 on 8/14/2020 (that is Thursday night into Friday for you east-coasters like me) or on twitch at: if you are unable to make it onto mumble.

You will be able to remain docked for this class.