[CLASS] Introduction to LSC 30/08/2020 01:00

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[CLASS] Introduction to LSC 30/08/2020 01:00

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Wanted to know more about LSC? Then now is the chance! This will be the first of a regular class so if you cannot attend this one then there will be others!

When: Sunday 30th August 2020 @ 01:00 EVE Time
Where: LSC Education Mumble channel and Class (EVE Uni) chat channel.
Duration: approx 30-60 mins
  • Overview
    • Campus Details
    • Campus Staff
    • Location
    • Resources & Programs
    • Communications
    • Rules
    • How to Join
    Campus Activities
    • PvP
    • PvE
    • Industry
    Join Us!
    • EVE University
    • Overview Setup
    • Rules of Engagement
LSC Manager, Orientation Officer, Titles Officer, TA, Ensign, Former Student Advocate, Former Mentor Manager

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