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[CLASS] Intro to D-Scan 2020-07-16 @ 0130 & 1800

Posted: 2020.07.08 05:51
by Drebin 679

So I'm back with another set of SiSi D-Scan classes with a livestream!

A CORE course on the Directional Scanner, a feature built into every ship (and your capsule), that gives you information about what ships are around you, and can have its range, angle, and orientation adjusted to get information from a more specific area.

To try and compress the event into a one hour block, I'll be running this on the Singularity (SiSi) test server. Details below:

When: May 26th @ 1800 & May 28th @ 0100 EVE time (two sections)
Where: Public Mumble,
Duration: 1 hour

Topics Covered:
  • Using the Directional Scanner (D-Scan)
  • D-Scan as it applies to different areas of space (High, Low, Null, Wormhole)
Student requirements:
  • Public Mumble registration and access - make sure you have Mumble sorted out and operational before the class begins. Use this guide for set-up:
  • or view the class on Twitch
Why Singularity? It enables the class to quickly touch the different areas of space in New Eden through the use of Singularity's /moveme tool, which lets capsuleers instantly jump to preset systems in highsec, nullsec, and wormhole space. Makes touching each respective area much easier logistically, and offers access to these areas of space without having to worry about third parties intervening.

Tranquility (the main server) gets mirrored onto Singularity roughly every few months. If you've just gotten started in the game, you may not have access to Singularity, so this will purely be a stream oriented class.

Should SiSi be inaccessible for any reason at the scheduled times for these classes, the classes will have to be postponed.

Hope this class will be helpful!