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[COMPLETE] Introduction to Clones - Thu 04 Jun - 0930

Posted: 2020.05.29 16:25
by Spanky Ikkala

Do you want to know how to bounce around the universe like a toddler full of e-numbers? If so, then Introduction to Clones might be the perfect class for you ;)

When: Thursday 04 Jun, 09:30 EVE Time
Where: E-Uni public Mumble and the Class (EVE Uni) chat channel
Duration: 1 hour, including Q&A
Topics to be covered include:
  • What are clones?
  • What are the benefits to having clones?
  • How do I get clones?
  • What are implants and how do they work?
  • What clone skills should I train?
Student requirements:
  • Public Mumble registration and access - make sure you have Mumble sorted out and operational well before the class begins. Use this guide for set-up:
  • Access to the Class (EVE Uni) in-game chat channel
Additional information: This class is primarily lecture, delivered in public Mumble and the Class (EVE Uni) channel, followed by Q&A. There is no practical component.