[CLASS] WHC Nano and Kiting practice

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Brock Carlisle



Post 2020.05.08 17:37

[CLASS] WHC Nano and Kiting practice

Let's have a class discussing how to fly WHC Nano doctrine and in kitey BS in general.

When: May 10th @ 2000 to 2200 EVE time
Where: Eve University WHC comms
Duration: 1-2 hours

Topics Covered:
  • WHC Nano doctrine roles
  • Important Terms and Concepts
  • Moving in 3D space with a gang
  • Solo kiting practice vs Orthrus
  • Gang vs Gang
  • Question and Answer Period

Student requirements:
  • WHC Member or get someone to bring you in
  • Be logged in with me in EVE, we will potentially be going to SiSi as well
  • Important: Be in INNU

We will be classing up in Innuendo, but likely go to eggs for kite practice.

Hope this class will be helpful!

Brock Carlisle



Post 2020.05.10 22:58

Re: [CLASS] WHC Nano and Kiting practice

Thanks for coming out guys. Notes below.

Nano Doctrine class(https://forum.eveuniversity.org/viewtop ... 6&t=108637)

Setup image: https://prnt.sc/qfpbuo

Nano is a doctrine in WHC that is an independently flown doctrine without logi support and deals damage at range. This is generally referred to as kiting. The main composition of this doctrine starts with an interceptor and 2 anti-tackle. Anti-tackle ships function as DD as well, but a nano comp generally should not go without these initial 3 ships. After that you can add combat BCs (Brutix/Harb) that play in the 30-40km range. Finally, and depending on what you are engaging you can add long range DD in assault BCs like the Talos or Oracle. A couple EWAR helpers or a boosher can go a long way in the nano doctrine, but by no means are necessary.

As a nano pilot you are fully responsible for keeping track of the battlefield and where you are in it. The main way kitey gangs die is by getting separated from the support of the group. You need to maintain distance within your optimals, but out of range of enemy tackle. FCs should generally call out targets that can tackle at long ranges like Keres, Lachesis or Ashimmu

    Be in range of your guns
    Always fight “Sun-side”
    Try to stay aligned:
      Setting speed
      Keep at range
    Scram passes
    Watch for MJD

How to fly
      You are scout/tackle/screener
      Know how to do scram passes
      Pull drones off the field
      Make tacs for the gang
      This is the most independently flown role, you need to predict what the gang is going to need before it happens
      Your primary target is likely going to differ at times from the actual call
      You should immediately focus any small tackler crashing the gang
      Switch to drones if they are becoming problematic, though you should just be able to use your drones for this
      You are the front line of the gang, and will need to be ever cognizant of the ranges of enemies
      Please ensure you are in your ranges and not drifting out
      Call out if something has you tackled
      If something is closing on you - pre align and warp if it gets too close
      If you can’t hit the primary, pick something fat and juicy to shoot and suggest it as primary for DD

    Split into two teams
    Practice warping at range to center point
    Practice establishing gang positioning
    Simulate a fight

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