Post 2020.04.21 21:39

(Class) 2020-04-23 Fitting Workshop

Lecture Topic: Fitting Workshop

When: 4-23-2020 at 2300 (eve time)

So merc what is a fitting workshop?

Bring your ship fits for anything form frigate pvp to mission running to bling hacks for abyssal deadspace.

We will look at them all and you will get hands on feedback of your fits. I will bring some of my fits as examples as well.

Feeling shy? You can pm your fits during the class or eve mail them to me any time.

You may not get the next god level meta fit here but we will get you on the right track to greatness.

About merc452:

Merc452 is an FC for Spectre Fleet. A player since 2008, he's been in everything from 5000-man fleets to 5-man micro gangs. As a regular FC, expect to see his fleets going forward!