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[CLASS] Intro to D-Scan 2020-03-20 & 23


So, lobevaser, who has been doing the D-Scan classes on a twice monthly basis, has gotten busy IRL and hasn't had the time to do them as of late. As such, here's a couple of classes to keep this series going!

A CORE course on the Directional Scanner, a feature built into every ship (and your capsule), that gives you information about what ships are around you, and can have its range, angle, and orientation adjusted to get information froma more specific area.

To try and compress the event into a one hour block, I'll be setting things up a bit differently. Details below:

When: March 20th @ 1700 & March 23rd @ 2300 EVE time (two sections)
Where: Public Mumble, Singularity Server
Duration: 1 hour

Topics Covered:
  • Using the Directional Scanner (D-Scan)
  • D-Scan as it applies to different areas of space (High, Low, Null, Wormhole)

Student requirements:

Now, saying "oh, we'll run this class on Singularity" less than 24 hours prior is definitely quite short notice. But why Singularity? It enables the class to quickly touch the different areas of space in New Eden through the use of Singularity's /moveme tool, which lets capsuleers instantly jump to preset systems in highsec, nullsec, and wormhole space. Makes touching each respective area much easier logistically, and offers access to these areas of space without having to worry about third parties intervening.

Singularity has strict rules, and nonconsentual PvP can only occur in one system. For that reason, along with the fact that you can't use /moveme with a logoff timer, means that we will be in shuttles for the duration of this class.

If you are not able to reach Singularity, you are welcome to listen in on the class, though note that there won't be an accompanying slide deck.

Hope this class will be helpful!
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