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[CANCELLED] 2020-02-18 PVP Q&A

PostPosted: 2020.02.14 21:15
by Merc452

Guest Lecturer: Merc452, FC for Spectre Fleet
Date: Tuesday, February 18th 01:00
Where: E-uni Public Mumble, Class (EVE Uni)

Lecture Topics
This is a general Q&A for all things fleet PvP. Come ask an experienced FC anything you wanted to know!

About merc452:
Merc452 is an FC for Spectre Fleet. A player since 2008, he's been in everything from 5000-man fleets to 5-man micro gangs. As a regular FC, expect to see his fleets going forward!

Re: (PVP Q&A) 2020-02-18

PostPosted: 2020.02.14 21:24
by Shauny Tsero
This guy knows his stuff!! I recommend going to this class!

Re: (PVP Q&A) 2020-02-18

PostPosted: 2020.02.14 21:52
by Gergoran Moussou
I always recommend this guy's classes. Have flown in some of his Spectre fleets, more recently I've been living in the area that they usually go to and shooting at some of his fleets, and his willingness to give these lectures is definitely an asset to E-Uni.

Re: (PVP Q&A) 2020-02-18

PostPosted: 2020.02.18 23:56
by Merc452
Thank you

Unfortunately due to real life family issues I was not abel to hold this class. I am rescheduling for next week.

I apologize to everyone who showed up.

As part of that apology I will offer up a free faction yes faction cruiser to random participate in my next class.

It may be the 26th so keep an eye out and again sorry for all those who attended.

Re: [CANCELLED] 2020-02-18 PVP Q&A

PostPosted: 2020.02.19 05:24
by Vorkan Dosja
All is well as far as I am concerned. I got my USTZ day vs UTC mixed up and thought this was for tomorrow. I look forward to attending next week.

o7 Fly Dangerous