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[CLASS] 2019-01-15 0230 Intro to Industry

This course provides an introduction to crafting in Eve Online. We will cover all of the basics associated with your Industry tab, including manufacturing, research, and invention (not the same as research). There will be a brief mention of supporting game mechanics, such as planetary interaction, reactions, and mining, though those topics are covered more thoroughly in other classes.

When: Wednesday, 15th January, 0230 EVE Time (Tuesday evening in USTZ).

Where: Mumble and Class (EVE Uni) for Lecture and Q&A. For the practical component (Details Below), please be docked up in Amygnon.

Duration: 1 hour

Topics Covered:
What activites does industry include?
Blueprints - Manufacturing, Research, and Invention
Industry Skills
Practical Component - Build Something! (See Details Below)

Student requirements:
Public Mumble registration and access - make sure you have Mumble sorted out and operational well before the class begins. Use this guide for set-up:
Access to the Class (EVE Uni) in-game chat channel
Docked in Amygnon (any station/structure) to participate in the Practical component.

Additional information: This class has 2 components - first, a lecture, delivered in public Mumble and the Class (EVE Uni) channel, followed by Q&A.

For those interested, there will be blueprints and materials on contract in Amygnon for an optional practical exercise that will run concurrent with the lecture. There is no cost for the blueprint and materials, but the station will charge a very small installation fee to build the items. The contracts will be EVE Uni corporation contracts, so please let me know if you are attending from outside the Uni as we get started with the class, and I'll get you set up!

Participating in the practical is NOT required to attend the lecture, but please be docked up safely for the class.
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