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[Class] 06-04-2019 Introduction to Fleets & podsaver

There will be a practical element to this class and that will be available to E-Uni members: Post located at ... 6&t=112798

Class details:

Mumble: e-uni public mumble channel
Ingame channel: Class (EVE Uni)
Instructor: Turlough Dominian
When: Saturday 06/04/2019 @ 16:30 Eve time

The goals for this class:
To help get new members or people new to pvp fleets up to speed on a basic level
To answer random questions to the best of my ability.
Will also try to cover pod saver or at least touch on the subject <If we get time for practical this will be for e-uni members>

For the pod saver element if we get chance to do it time permitting it will be hosted in the system known as Shemah.
for this all you need is a corvette/noobship but you will be able to acquire them down there by docking in a station with a pod once there is no ships already in that station.

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