[COMPLETED] BLOPS Hunter Class (Theory + Practical)

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Ged Sinak



Post 2019.04.01 16:56

[COMPLETED] BLOPS Hunter Class (Theory + Practical)

When: April 2nd @ 0200
Where: SISI
Ships: Covert ops with a covert ops cyno
Comms: Public Mumble

This is replacing the ninja fleet scheduled this Tuesday morning.

To be covered:
Theory and practical on combat probing.
Different Dscan techniques used by hunters to find targets
How to stay alive when tackling targets such as carriers and battleships (with practical)
Use of third party sites to aid in hunting (dotlan, zkill, etc)
How to interact with other hunters/bubblers to hold down targets.
Overview settings and strategies to use it to increase your chance of locking a target down for the fleet.
Different fits used by hunters and how each are used.
Recommended combat/defensive implants for staying alive or finding targets.
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Post 2019.04.02 05:29

Re: [CLASS] BLOPS Hunter Class (Theory + Practical)

This was really great class, thanks for organizing!

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