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[complete] 2019-10-02 Pod Saver

PostPosted: 2019.03.23 03:10
by Psychotic Fickity
Have you recently lost your pod to another player? Want to learn how to possibly prevent it?
This will be a practical lesson in how to effectively do that in an encouraging learning environment.

How: We would like all players to be in a corvette ( The first ship kind you were given when you started the game. Be in Amarr or Gallente Ect).

What: We will be out in our "fight club" area to start. You will bring the corvette in and get shot, the objective is for you to then warp your pod out safely, quickly and learn how to do that.

Why: This is to help you learn how to survive to see another day and not lose your pod in engagements. While, it will still happen from time to time, it will hopefully help you increase your chances of keeping your pod in tact.

When: May 8th

Where: Amygnon citadel 101

We strive to keep our New members and returning members safe thru education!

Formally: Warp Out Wednesday

Re: [CLASS] 2019-04-10 Pod Saver

PostPosted: 2019.04.04 20:20
by Psychotic Fickity
Time for another class! It has been 2 weeks!

Re: [CLASS] 2019-05-08 Pod Saver

PostPosted: 2019.05.04 17:16
by Psychotic Fickity
May 8th, 19:00 in Amygnon.

Re: [Class] 2019-06-12 Pod Saver

PostPosted: 2019.06.12 17:17
by Psychotic Fickity
Class today June 12th at 18:00

Re: [Class] 2019-06-12 Pod Saver

PostPosted: 2019.08.05 16:23
by Psychotic Fickity
New Class August 7 00:00

Re: [Class] 2019-10-02 Pod Saver

PostPosted: 2019.10.01 03:59
by Psychotic Fickity
There are 2 classes October 2nd.
first is 01:00 in Amygnon.
Second is 19:00 in Amygnon.